Sayed Ahmad Fahim Masoumi

Aviation and Sustainability

Sustainable aviation practices can significantly reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in the long run. However, the increasing volume of air traffic and the benefits in this sector have hindered sustainable…

Electrical Waste Treatment

Technology advancement should be followed with proper waste treatment and recycling to make it accessible and available for the next generations.

The Compost System Explained

Composting is an aerobic process where complex degradable materials are degraded and transformed by microorganisms into organic and inorganic byproducts.

NFTs: A Red Flag for the Environment

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) made their presence in our life back in 2015. It is another level of advancement in technology with a broader concept of property ownership, yet limited in…

Why Plastic Recycling Doesn’t Work

In 2018, 359 million tonnes of plastic were produced worldwide, while only nine percent of the plastics ever produced have been recycled. The other fractions of waste plastic are either…

Sustainable Supply Chain

The sustainable supply chain is a journey from raw materials sourcing to miles of logistics, and a complete product with the possibility of recycling, reusing, and reducing. It is about…