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For Humor With French Movies – Weekend Tips

Perhaps just my imagination, nevertheless I have noticed over the last some years, that I haven´t had the opportunity to watch many comedies. The good ones when you roll with laughter all through and just admire the originality of the gags. And then recently I thought of a few French films.

Lack of Resources for New Zealand Universities to Cope with Mental...

In this week’s news we speak about cancelation of evening lectures in Hong Kong, lack of resources to cope with mental health support in New Zealand and UK universities’ deal to buy energy from wind farms.

Opportunity to Volunteer with WWF Bolivia

WWF has an opening through its Youth Volunteer Programme for 2 volunteers in communications based in Bolivia. Deadline to apply is 28 October 2019.

QUIZ And A Tip For A Trip: Spas That Distinguish Themselves

After the dishes of last week this time our quiz is dedicated to spas where you recharge your batteries and and are able to say which one is famous for its specific characteristics?

Lisa Rogers: Never Give Up, Write for Your Dream!

Writing in The Fastlane is one of those websites where you can see how a woman can make a living out of an incredible passion, which in this case is writing. Lisa Rogers is her name, and we are going to discover her life story in this article, starting with the following lines.