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Boost Your Home Budget

Our homes have always been one of the essential things in our lives. More than just a shelter, it's a place where we can be ourselves, express our personalities, hide away from the world, or welcome a small part of it into a unique space.

How to Present Yourself in the Best Way?

Meeting new people can be daunting for many of us. There are so many things running through our minds. We get hyperconscious by how we present ourselves, how we're dressed, or how the other person is reacting.

Are Online Job Scams On The Rise Due To Covid-19?

With a pandemic drawing us into the online, our work has followed suit, creating a potent breeding ground for online job scams. So how can young people spot the dangers and not fall down the trap of quick employment.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Guide Part One: Greener Gifts & Wrapping

Americans alone generate 25 million tons of garbage during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. This guide can help you make a few simple changes to eliminate unnecessary waste and have a more sustainable holiday season.

Free Online Courses – Machine Learning

Machine learning mainly refers to neural networks. These are computing systems having interconnected nodes and they function similar to the neurons that we humans have in our brain. These systems use data to recognise patterns and correlations and keep classifying them to continuously learn and improve.