Olena Kagui

Olena Kagui is a full-time writer who loves to explore topics of self-improvement, sustainability, technology, and just a little of everything. She has a B.A. in International Relations and lives in Rhode Island, USA with her husband and dogs.

Facebook: Pamětní banka?

Odhaduje se, že Facebook má přes 1.37 miliardy měsíčně aktivních uživatelů. Facebook je výborný příklad toho, jak se tvoří koletivní paměť a jak se vyvíjí.

Free Simple Steps To A Better Memory

Our brains are becoming lazier as technology develops; we rely more and more on our smartphones, which remember everything for us. Luckily, memory works like a muscle, and there are…

Proud to be Romani?

The Roma are a controversial topic in the Czech Republic, and people of Roma origin are often mistreated. After the fall of the Communist regime in 1989, the country began…