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January in the Garden

In a series of articles during these months, we shall introduce you to tips about what is to be done during that particular month in your garden. Even Though winter is still at its peak in the Northern Hemisphere, there are still some things that are needed for your garden.

2020 Girl Up Leadership Summit

The Girl Up Leadership Summit is an opportunity for youth leaders to gain the skills, resources, and confidence to make an impact on gender equality in their communities. More than 400 passionate youth advocates will gather for the 9th annual Girl Up Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. The deadline to apply for need-based travel financial assistance is 21 February 2020.

Determination is the Driving Force to Success

Targeting success in many forms is only human. Being best at this or that... The movie characters of today´s movie picks - based on true stories - lead them to success through their boldness. Hope you enjoy them as we did.

Russia Wants to Provide More State-Funded Places in Universities

In this week’s news, we speak about Greece that wants to attract more foreign students through its history and culture, Russia's attempt to provide more state-funded places in universities and separate Ministry for Higher Education that will be considered in Malaysia.

2020 Yunus&Youth Fellowship Program

Are you building a business to create a better world? The Yunus&Youth Fellowship Program is a six-month online program designed to empower young social entrepreneurs to develop their full potential by strengthening business models. The deadline is on 16 February 2020.