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University Cities – Christchurch, New Zealand

Even though New Zealand was colonized by the Britishers in 1840, it has quite a different history compared with Australia. Some of the oft reported differences are that the earlier settlers, the Maoris, live a pretty good life compared with the Aborigines in Australia. They are also not marginalized, nor are their children taken away and the difference in life expectancy between the two is as high as 10 years. Soon before and after New Zealand was annexed and established as a colony, it was mainly the whalers and pilgrims who settled there.

The Local Pathways Fellowship

The 2020 cohort of the Local Pathways Fellowship will bring together a network of 100 young thought leaders, urban planners, sustainability advocates, researchers and innovators from 100 different cities across the world to advance local dialogue, collaboration and problem solving around the Sustainable Development Goals and to make cities and urban settlements “smart, fair and sustainable”. The deadline is on 15 December 2019.

Eight Major Singing Voices

Bass. Bass-baritone. Baritone. Tenor. Countertenor. Contralto. Mezzo-soprano and Soprano are the eight different voices in classical music. Many have achieved accolades and fame and then there are the unsung figures who despite having a great voice ended up singing at little events in villages either because they did not have the means or were not adventurous enough to try becoming professionals. Even Luciano Pavarotti's father remained an unacknowledged singer and a baker.

The Latest Developments in Robotic

Just a couple of decades ago robots were a part of science fiction. Fast forward to today and they are already touching many people’s lives. I dare not think of what’s coming 20 years from now. Let’s have a little glimpse into the robots of today and what’s going to come in the near future both on the mundane level where robots do household chores and to what would still look like science fiction.

Girls Impact the World Film Festival

The Girls Impact the World Film Festival is an annual event that focuses on issues facing women and girls around the world. Submit your 3-6 minute short films that address global women's issues and win over $25K in prizes! The Red Carpet Event for the 2020 awards ceremony will be held in Austin, TX, USA - date TBD. The deadline is on 20 January 2019.