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Ghent in Photographs

Canals, rivers, a city centre reserved for pedestrians and cyclists, cafes, restaurants, green spaces, an astonishingly well preserved city dating right back to the 11th century, you are in Ghent, Belgium.

University City – Welcome In Ghent, Belgium

Even though Brussels is the most cosmopolitan city in Belgium due to it being the headquarters of the EU, Ghent holds its own place and is known as the university city of Belgium. Over 25 percent of the population comprises of university students and a fairly large percentage of these are foreigners.

Watson Institute Incubator for Student Entrepreneurs

Preparing next-generation, impact-driven entrepreneurs to launch ventures and unleash a lifetime of impact. Deadline to apply to the Spring 2020 Watson Incubator is October 1, 2019.

Words That Radically Change The Meaning When Misspelled

One of our earlier articles was dedicated to commonly misspelled words. Spelling errors also often happen when words are pronounced incorrectly. Nevertheless, some errors may get a completely new meaning if spelled wrong. Which are those? Here are some of them.

The Global Citizen Prize: Cisco Youth Leadership Award

The Global Citizen Prize: Cisco Youth Leadership Award honors an individual aged 18-30 who has contributed meaningfully towards the goal of ending global poverty. The award includes a $250,000 prize paid to the organization to which the individual contributes.The deadline is on 6 October 2019.