Artists Make Space at the Tara Theatre UK

Seven commissions are available for this new artistic program out of the Tara Theatre, in London.

Tara Theatre and Britto Arts Trust are jointly seeking artists from the UK and Bangladesh to make connections and co-create new pieces of art for an exhibition.

The Artforms include: Theatre, Live Art, Dance, Music, Sound art, Zines, Performance spoke word, Poetry, Novels, Graphic novels, Text-based art, Film, Photography, Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture/Installation, Fashion, Weaving and textiles, Ceramic/Metalwork, Design, Public art.



There are 7 commissions available, worth €6000. 7 artists will be selected from the UK, and 7 from Bangladesh will be paired together to create new art.

The commission is open to early career artists (1-5 years of experience) based anywhere in the UK and Bangladesh.

The pairs will be able to share the resources provided to create their art.

Selection Process

Open to ‘Early Career*’ artists based anywhere in the UK and Bangladesh. Artforms include:

  • Performance/Movement/things we experience – Theatre, Live Art, Dance
  • Sound-based projects – Music, Sound art
  • Spoken/written word – Zines, Performance spoken word, Poetry, Novels, Graphic novels, Text-based art
  • Lens-based projects – Film, Photography
  • Gallery art – Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture/Installation
  • Applied art/things we use – Fashion, Weaving and textiles, Ceramic/Metal work, Design: furniture/shelter/other, ‘Public art’: murals/cinema banners/rickshaw painting, Graphic art/book making
  • Cross-discipline/Mixed media/Everything else – Curatorial projects, Community-based workshops/projects, Conceptual projects, ‘things we never imagined’


  • Please outline your practice as an artist (150 words)
  • Please describe the process and output of a piece of art you have worked on that you are particularly proud of (150 words)
  • What would you gain right now from mentoring and artist development (150 words)
  • Is there an art form different to your own that you feel you could learn from? What is it and why? (150 words)
  • How would you approach responding to any of the three commission prompt questions below? (250 words)

You can apply in a written format or by submitting an audio or video response to


Picture: Tara Theatre, interior

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