April Pranks Tips – Do Not Get Caught. Catch Others

I had fallen for the most stupid joke on the planet, one without originality or inspiration. 

The first of April is a synonymous with pranks all over the world – in some places they even have the custom of fooling somebody for a whole month – just in case one day was not enough. 

Alertness is on the docket on Saturday. Meanwhile, get inspired with some useful ideas to get ready.

Soap coated with nail polish might bring some level of frustration to your 1st April victim.

An insect of any kind almost always brings success on April Fool´s Day –  try a silhouette of a cockroach on your lamp or a drawing of a spider on the toilet roll.

A bubble wrap under the carpet will work well.

A balloon bursting behind the door can be quite startling.

What about some food color on the toothbrush…?

April First´s breakfast – mayonnaise in donuts. 

Have you tried putting crayons under the car wipers? The best is to lay them in the form of colorful rainbow.

Photos: Martina Advaney, Shutterstock.

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