Youth’s Initiative That Daily Helping Mobility-Impaired People

Have you ever thought about how hard can be for mobility-impaired people to plan their rout around the town? Well, couple of young people in German NGO Sozialhelden (Engl. Social heroes) occupated themselves with this issue and found a solution in platform.

This creative initiative is helping people in wheelchairs to increase their mobility and consequently, to participate easier in their society in everyday life. Wheelmap is an open and free online map where everyone can give their contribution by tagging and sharing information about wheelchair-accessible places. Also the photos or comments could be additionally uploaded in order to describe the place better. There are 3 different way of marking places and 3 steps how to do that:

  1. Go to the map or open the app on your iPhoneor Android.
  2. Click on a place.
  3. Mark the wheelchair accessibility of the place by choosing the right status. 

Traffic light system helps you to easily mark the wheelchair accessibility of places. Places that are not yet marked have a grey tag and can be quickly and easily marked by everyone.

Wheelmap is the most extensive data collection on the wheelchair accessibility of public places and it is available in 22 languages thanks to volunteers from all over the world. Beside this initiative, Sozialhelden are working on several inventive projects since 2004. Their aim is to raise awareness on various social problems and, if possible- to solve them.  Find out more.

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