Dangerous Selfies- Anything For Photo

A hand with a smartphone raised above the head, or extended with a selfie stick, and puckered lips - the quintessential picture of today's life. Every moment of every life has to be perfectly arranged, recorded and posted. In the process, the smartphones are already smarter than we are. Not so sure? Check out our gallery to see some of the dicey places where selfies have been taken.

Anything for photo, dangerous selfies
Dangerous selfie
Dangerous selfie, anything for a photo
Selfie on the snow
Dangerous selfies
Dangerous selfies

Dangerous selfies
Don’t try this at home
What would you do for a good selfie?
The lion on the road

Scary photo
Very, very dangerous and scary


More dangerous selfies you can discover here, in a case that you want to rest a bit, find out more photos, of our young photographers.


Photos: Shutterstock

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