Animal Therapy On The Increase

They say the best therapist has a fur and four paws. As  it seems there is something to it. People who have a pet at home usually know what is it to come home and be welcomed with great joy by their four-leged buddy. No wonder, places where animals were typically forbidden, now welcome them. Pets now "work" at cafes, at airports, even in offices - and all that to share and spread the calm that they carry within.

The first cat cafe started operating in Taiwan in 1998 and was dedicated to people, who could not have their own cats but wanted to enjoy the comforting touch of an animal. Since then the same concept has spread through Japan and also to the rest of the world. 

Some airports have little dogs “employed” who help  people scared of flying, to calm down and relax.


Nevertheless, animal therapy doesn´t have to end with the usual pets. Some companies are animal friendly since a long many years, others are now opening their doors to dogs, cats and also turtles, rabbits or even piglets in the hope of offering  relaxing breaks to their employees and decrease cumulated stress.

The world is generally divided between dog lovers… / Photo: Shutterstock

…and cat lovers. / Photo: Martina Advaney

Animals are also a great help in hospitals… / Photo: Shutterstock

…and hospices. / Photo: Shutterstock

Harvard report: dogs reduce stress

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