An Alternative Christmas – A List Of Activities To Do

Does Christmas bug you a bit, or does it simply not appeal to you the way it traditionally appeals to so many others? No worries. We have prepared an alternative list of activities for the upcoming holidays that will get you out of the Christmas doldrums.

Visit a Castle

Festung Hohensalzburg, Salzburg, Austria

Go to the concert

Take a walk to the forest and bring food for the wild animals

Go cultural this year – Try different traditions from around the world

Winter Solstice Festival in Kensington Market, Toronto, Ontario

Take an aimless trip by car and discover new places

Give a hand in charity

Christmas dinner at church soup kitchen – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Do winter sports

Try a new experience

Reindeer sledge caravan safari, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland


Photos: Shutterstock

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