In Search of Harmony. Photo Project of People with Alternative Life Styles

Hermits, sages, Tibetan monks…History knows many examples of alternative life styles that were chosen by people in search of inner balance and harmony with the environment. These people are going to be depicted in the special photo project, created by Youth Time. Photographer David Tesinsky.

A man without money

Mira Ahimsa refuses to disclose his civil name. More than ten years ago, the 36-year-old Czech had chosen a non-ecological footprint lifestyle. His motto is not to harm people, animals or nature. He avoids conversations about his past life and only mentions that he doesn’t maintain relations with his family. Mira spends most of the time strolling in the forests near Prague, swimming in the wild lakes, picking wild flowers and meditating in solitude about the meaning of life. He never eats or drinks anything hot, doesn’t build a fire in order not to kill the beetles that live in the timber. In the woods, he often wears clothes made of pine branches or just walks naked. Mira loathes smoking, drinking and doing drugs and considers money to be equally harmful as the dependence on tobacco and alcohol. He sleeps in the caves, ravines or wooden booths in the countryside, hoping to find likeminded people. According to Mira, he handles all health problems easily – by trying not to get sick. He has no health insurance or travel pass. Sometimes Mira wears casual clothes and hitches a ride to Prague. Ahimsa admitted that he had a date with a girl not so long ago.



Slumdog millionaire   

47-year-old Petr, who nickname is Sailor, is an acknowledged specialist of freeganism among fellow-thinkers. For a past few years, he has been feeding himself and his family food from the dumpsters near supermarkets. It is mostly expired fruits and vegetables or products that are about to expire. Petr sees himself as an anti-globalist and denies the consumer philosophy. He rarely uses money in everyday life, although he admits that there is more than a million crowns accumulated in his bank accounts. The owner of several estate properties lives in a small shed near other members of the small community. Almost all of its residents feed on food from garbage bins. Petr has 9 children from different mothers and some of them live together with him. Sailor doesn’t mind having a few more children. Petr is convinced that life is too short to waste it on bad deeds or idleness, so he tries to be an optimist and to help his loved ones. Over the years, Sailor managed to sail across the Atlantic Ocean, from Europe to America, on a sailing boat, skydived, swam in wild rivers, worked as an expedition guide and a ski instructor, he was a mountaineer and even a high school teacher. “Enjoy life to the full”, – says Sailor while picking the most delicious fruits from the container.

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