Africa Online Safety Fund for Internet Safety

Africa Online Safety Fund, with support from, has been established to support innovative solutions to internet related challenges including identity theft, bullying and more. The Fund will provide funding of up to $100,000 solutions especially addressing women and children’s online safety. The deadline is on 21 August 2020.

Impact Amplifier, a South African based social impact advisory firm is the managing body for the fund. It will be critically supported by ISD, a UK based think and do tank, dedicated to understanding and innovating responses to polarization, hate and extremism of all forms.

Exponential increase in internet, smartphone and mobile network usage in Africa has created a range of safety concerns, including identify theft, bullying, disinformation, and more. To address these issues, the Africa Online Safety Fund will be awarding grants to organizations that address safety issues the internet facilitates. There are two categories of funding: Transformative and Catalytic. The Transformative projects are intended to be larger in scale, reach multiple geographies and or potentially large numbers of beneficiaries, and be scalable as a solution. The Catalytic projects are intended to be smaller, targeted, and potentially only locally or culturally specific. The Transformative grants will be a maximum of $100,000 and the Catalytic Grants will be a maximum of $10,000.

The deadline is on 21 August 2020.


Main criteria

  • Applicants can be public benefit organisations, private or from the public sector
  • No individual applicants will be considered
  • The Fund is open to organisations throughout Africa, but priority will be given to Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Senegal, Ethiopia and the Ivory Coast
  • The primary criteria that will be used to select successful applicants include social impact, potential for success, financial efficiency and sustainability

Find out more about Africa Online Safety Fund. 

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