Advice From The Successful Ones

We at YT like to interview interesting people who do some amazing work. With them succeeding in their respective fields comes an obvious question. This is to find out what is their secret to their success. Here is what they have to say.

“Follow your dreams. Don’t be afraid of reaching out to others. Ask for help if you need it, and don’t think that you can take on the world solely on your own. We are always better together”

Alexander Waltner


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“Today’s world contains both hazards and opportunities for young people.  I would urge them to focus on realistic goals and to work hard to achieve those goals.  In many parts of the world, young people live desperate lives because of starvation, terrorism, and abuse.  Religious organizations, charities, and non-govermental agencies are reaching out to be of assistance. Young people from more affluent countries need to volunteer their assistance so that the next generation of leaders has opportunities to reach their potential as human beings.”

Dr. Stanley Krippner

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“The first thing I want to say is that online life is not real life. I’m sure many of the readers are bright and young individuals that know this, so I say it more as a reminder. Secondly, going gray is one solution to get us to put down our screens and be present with the people we care about more. I think it’s important to try going gray and see if it works for you, but to also explore your own solutions! Whether that’s leaving your phone on silent and in your bag when you’re with friends or family, leaving it screen faced down, going gray or all of the above. This is seriously one of the most important things to become aware of – the damaging effects of phones – and your future self will thank you.”

Rehman Ata

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“My advice to your readers is that it is so important to follow  your dream. You must never think that there are any limits that your environment may impose on you. You must always think of the sky as your limit – and do what you really want to do in life. “

Professor Harald Haas

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“Pursue your dreams. Always believe in yourself. Success is a combination of vision, hard work, and timing – with emphasis on hard work. Stay committed to your dreams and put in the work. Surround yourself with talented people. Never be afraid to work alongside people smarter than yourself. This will elevate your performance.”

Blake Russell

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“I think it’s important to take seriously our own experiences.  Most young people are being educated at school and at university in the old paradigm of materialism, which can’t explain the existence of consciousness, and which largely ignores psychic experiences.  Many scientists also pretend that ESP and other psychic phenomena do not exist.  So I would advise people to pay attention to their own experience and make up their own minds.  The best starting points are what I call the mysteries of every day life, phenomena which most people have experienced but which do not fit into the standard materialist model.  These include the sense of being stared at, namely feeling that someone is looking at you from behind; telephone telepathy, as discussed above, and the ability of dogs, cats and other animals to pick up our thoughts and intentions even from a distance, as when dogs, cats, and other animals know when their owners are coming home.  If you have had these experiences, think about their implications and discuss them with your friends. And don’t let dogmatic skeptics bully you!  “

 Dr. Rupert Sheldrake

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“First, give some serious thought to what you want out of your life – what do you want to accomplish 10, 20, 30 years down the line? Once you’ve figured that out (and it’s not easy), figure out how you’re going to get there – specifically. What concrete steps do you need to take to achieve these long-term goals? Keep in mind that very few truly worthwhile things in life come easy, so you can anticipate having to work very hard for many years to achieve your goals – but that’s totally fine because these goals are (hopefully) something that gives your life meaning. And keep in mind that there will be many setbacks along the way – it’s just an unavoidable part of life. You need to learn what you can from them, and move on.”

Professor Andrei Cimpian

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“Do what you can with what you have and don’t punish yourself about the rest. Care for yourself so you can care for others.”

Momtaza Mehri

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