Adorable Facts About Animals That You May Not Know

We humans like to consider ourselves as higher beings, though today, you may find some of these  facts about animals,  interesting enough  to change the way you look at them. They can communicate using a form of a name, they adopt the little ones  of others when necessary, some of them even have a  best friend. Do you want to know more? Check out our gallery.

The seahorse, the lobster or even the crocodile usually belong in a group comprising of the monogamous species. Seahorses on top of that, travel hand in hand…ehm tail in tail.

It is not always the done thing for any animal where the females take care of abandoned babies of their species. Hence, those who do are met  with a great admiration. The Squirrel is one of those who selflessly adopts a stranger´s offspring.

Did you know that cows follow a concept of having a best girlfriend? Nice, isn´t it?

Dolphins are known to be one of the most intelligent of the mammals and therefore it may not surprise us that they use something like names to identify and call each other.

Even hens have their own way of communicating  with the chicks in their shells – through a sound system.

Elephants can die due to a broken heart.

Even dogs have a unique identification similar to human´s finger prints. Where? On their noses.


Otters  hold hands while sleeping so as not to be taken by the current.

Photos: Shutterstock

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