Adam Sandler’s Hustle on Netflix Is a Lot of Fun

The legendary Adam Sandler is back with another movie, this time not a comedy but an inspiring sports drama.

When it comes to sports movies, a lot of people either really love them or really hate them. For some people, these stories are inspiring and motivate them to chase after their dreams in a more active sense, while for others sports movies are just all the same. There’s no denying that there’s a lot of familiarity between pretty much all sports films but if done right they can be a lot of fun. When you add Adam Sandler’s recent film resurgence, then you know you have a story worth following in Hustle


Review of the Plot 

Adam Sandler plays an NBA scout, Stanley Sugerman, for the Philadelphia 76ers. He’s out looking for new talent to bring to the league from all over the world. We see him go to different countries looking at basketball matches of all levels trying to find the right talent. Though it’s difficult at first, he stumbles upon an incredible talent in Spain, Bo Cruz, and now he’s determined against all odds to make Bo an NBA player. 

So many scenes can be seen as inspirational for anyone who is trying to achieve some goal in their life. The early morning workouts, the commitment to becoming better, and knowing what it takes to sacrifice are all part of becoming great. It’s not easy to even be considered for the NBA so the main character — player in the film, Bo Cruz, has to try and achieve the impossible. 

Certainly, the story or the presentation is nothing groundbreaking. Perhaps the biggest downfall of the film is its predictability but the execution is good enough for it to still be considered a good lighthearted movie. It’s a fun two-hour ride that will get you emotionally involved and might even bring tears to your eyes at some points. 


Reception and Real-World Ties 

Adam Sandler has a strange relationship with critics. For more than a decade he was making somewhat only low-effort films, and the critics started hating his work for good reason. Constant dumb comedies with no substance were Sandler’s mojo for a minute until he started this recent resurgence. He is clearly a very talented actor but he hasn’t always put that to good use. In Uncut Gems (2019), his performance was universally acclaimed and in Hustle he gives yet another great performance. 

Surprisingly, Rotten Tomatoes has Hustle at an 89% approval rating. This might come as a shock to some but once you see the film you’ll know why the rating is that high. This movie truly leads with heart and has nothing but good vibes to offer. 

The film is produced by one of the best basketball players of all time LeBron James and it also features some of the biggest names from the past and current NBA rosters. Names like Kenny Smith, Julius Erving, Anthony Edwards, Trae Young, Doc Rivers, and many more appear in the film. It has a lot of real-world ties with many real-life events and people in the NBA being mentioned constantly.  


If you have two hours free and are scrolling through Netflix trying to figure out what to watch next, give Hustle a chance. It might surprise you just how investing and emotionally driven it is. After all, sometimes we all just need to unwind and root for the good guys for 117 minutes on a Tuesday night. 

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