Academic Hive Online Research Bootcamp

Research students, staff and anyone interested in data analytics are invited to join a two-week training on developing research skills. The programme will take place online on 8 – 19 March 2021. Participants will learn about proposal writing, data visualisation, and publication tips. The deadline is on Friday March 5th 2021.

The Academic Hive Research Bootcamp is designed to enhance the capacity of young scholars and researchers with deep understanding of modern research practices and how to apply them.

Participants will be exposed to a range of research methods, software and resources

At the end of the training, participants will be set to publish their originally-developed research ideas and will be better equipped for a problem-solving career. 

Acquire research-based skill building in a supportive setting surrounded by like-minded associates with fun and tailored activities.

Participants will get help with all stages of their research, from developing a topic to preparing for a viva/presentation.

Candidates will receive mentoring and get access to a global network of research professionals.

The workshops will focus on data visualisation and data analytics as well as collaborative research simulation and group discussions. 

The deadline is on Friday March 5th 2021.


Main Criteria

This program is designed for higher education/research students interested in acing their thesis or dissertation.

Early-career researchers, research supervisors, and anyone seeking to do quality inter and multidisciplinary research are eligible to apply. 

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