A Teacher By Profession, Salesman By Trade, And Comedian By Nature

For some, education is the preserve of those fighting for better life. For others, it is just a continuation of life. While for some, getting a good education is simply what was ordered by their parents.


Encouraged by his parents to go to school and get a decent education that would land him a white collar job, young Zimbabwean Victor “Doc Vikela” Mpofu enrolled at a tertiary institution to study Human Resources management.

But he had other ideas, as he was quick to realise that he was destined to entertain people with his hilarious jokes and gave up on all other professions to focus on his career as a stand-up comedian.


In a recent interview to YT correspondent in Zimbabwe Farai Diza, the multi-talented Doc Vikela shed some light on his transition from books to the stage.

Having completed his Advanced Level studies in Zimbabwe’s emerging city of Gweru, Doc Vikela found himself standing before students as a temporary teacher. He then went on to take up a Diploma in Human Resources Management. Like most young Zimbabwean youths who migrate in search of employment, he then moved to the capital city of Harare and worked for a private sector company as a salesman before being promoted to branch manager.

He surprisingly went back to teaching, at least temporarily, and then in 2009 he quit his job to try his hand at comedy. 

When we were growing up, all that our parents wanted us to do was to go to school and get a job that would pay predictably at the end of each month. I was not happy with either of my jobs as I had studied human resources and had also worked as a relief teacher,” he alluded, explaining how he found his talent for comedy at an early age at school. 

I realised my potential when I was 15 years old, and I was always caught on the wrong side of the school rules, and wherever I was people would be laughing even in class. This is when I discovered that I had the potential to excel in comedy. I could also stand in front of an audience confidently,” said the comedian. 

Doc Vikela said he has so far managed to buy a car because of comedy, a feat he couldn’t do while doing an office job.

He has performed at several comedy events in Zimbabwe, and he has also had bookings in neighbouring South Africa.

The future is indeed bright for the comedian as he is taking it one step at a time and could soon find himself performing on European soil.

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