A Man Who Planted Trees

Christmas is in many parts of the world, the time to remember the story of baby Jesus. We would like to bring you another story. This is the story of Elzéard Bouffier who was a vulnerable but a big hearted human being. He was worthy of admiration and nothing can change the view that his character was only fictional. The essence of the story gives a perfect recipe for a happy life and peace of mind. That is what matters most.


It has been some time since this peace giving book “Man who plannted trees” was published. The year was 1953 and the author, Jean Giono. The story feels real and thecharacter was often mistaken for a true person. In reality, the author created a fictional narration which he helped to translate and freely distribute.

The plot is simple enough but very moving and inspiring. It tells the story of the man whose life goal, after losing his family, becomes living alone and humbly planting trees. He is so determined of his endeavor that over the period of 50 years, he manages to change the landscape dramatically and brings back living conditions in places that were dreary wastelands. His optimistic tale reflects the author’s love for nature and made him a precursor to the ecological movement of nowadays.

The tale was later picked up by a Canadian artist and film director of animation movies, Frédéric Back and turned into a cartoon film for which he received an Academy Award in 1987. The illustrations are drawn with the same delicacy as is the book and it provides the story with a lot of authenticity. The technique corresponds with the narration and you can feel the changes where there is an ubiquitous unremitting wind, peacefull scenes or unceasing joy and festivity.

The man who planted trees truly became a masterpiece in both fields – literature and in the movie industry.

Photo: IMDB

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