A Choice Of Compelling Movies And Series For The Weekend


For this weekend we have chosen a selection of two films and two series. Family affairs, the British cream of society, and money.

From the movie Patrick Melrose


A unique concept in which the viewer views the entire film through the computer or smart phones. A missing daughter and the social media are the central point of the story. Her father painfully realizes how little he knows about his daughter.

I´m not here

Like father like son. Just as his father, Steve is followed by the same demons that eventually brought him to his knees. A film with J.K. Simmons in the title role, about the strength of forgiveness towards yourself.

Patrick Melrose

You can’t choose your own family, but you can choose your life. When Benedict Cumberbatch showed an interest to play the role of Patrick Melrose in 2010, maybe he did not know yet, that only 8 years later his wish would be granted. A superb mini series based on the book by Edward St. Aubyn about the British high society. A bitter drama with comic elements follows the important milestones in Patrick´s life from an abused childhood to his adulthood full of addictions, to salvation at last.

La Casa De Papel (Money Heist)

El Profesor is the central point of an ambitious plan for the greatest bank robbery in history. Their target is the Spanish Royal Mint and their aim to print 2,4 billion Euros. Even though the series has some weak spots, the overall feel is good and absorbing. What was a fictional action drama confidently touches the present controversial political issues in the third season.

Photo: IMDB

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