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Abstract concept


It is the anniversary of my debut album “ISAAC, Vol.1”. As I close the book on a well appreciated project, with many talented musicians slaying their efforts on these monumental tracks, let's dive into the world of love and relationships. This album centers around a past relationship that fell apart at the seams. Through musical soul searching and realizations, will the story proclaimed through song have a happy ending?
Music coctail

The Best Drinks for Your Favorite Genres

Okay, I will admit to you reader, there is nothing more fulfilling than a soothing cocktail. It feels like laying on a summer beach. The breeze hits your neck as the intensity of mild intoxication nestles warm in your stomach. Music can entice you to feel the same way! Through the craziness of life, it’s fun to step away from your composed life and venture into a musical world. With a tasty drink that serves as a potion for mind traveling, music comes to life like ever before. I have some drinks of choice that mold perfectly to various genres and sounds of musical proportion.
Essence of creative geniuses

The Mad Nature of Creativity

Creative Geniuses Seem to Be Driven by Their Own Madness and Their Inner Demons. Why Is It Important for Artists to Take Care of the Child Inside Them? Is the Joy of Creativity Worth Being Considered Crazy?
Trip Hop Songstress Sevdaliza

Fall in Love with Trip Hop Songstress, Sevdaliza!

What Is an obsession? It can be an impulsive state in which you crave for something like a vampire craves for the ruby redness of blood. With musical obsessions, it may not be as intense but a very close second. There are some artists that dive into conversations and periods of life surrounded by rigorous emotional accents in the name of song. Through the world of experimental music, Sevdaliza is a beacon or the lighthouse on this troubled sea. Yes, reader, I have found my new musical obsession. 
Songs to Cure Heartbreak

Songs to Cure Heartbreak

In the core of every being, there lives a fragile heart. That heart is bound by memories and hopeful morning paired with wishful nights. Within every heart, there is a stable part, where all of your true passions, ambitions, and perceptions of a beautiful world rests for sleep. Now, reader, you must know of this inner place. You embark on its epic journey every time you feel that warmth of contentment and happiness. However, what happens when your heart is shattered into a million pieces, and love was the bullet? These songs will be your band-aid as I shed some light on songs that can get you through a breakup. 
Dorian Electra concept

Music is Flamboyant with Bubblegum Bass Star, Dorian Electra!

Music is supposed to change perspectives. Music is supposed to bring various walks of life together in an effortless community. Music also, however, is supposed to make listeners aware of the wide array of individuals settled on planet earth like themselves. Through the pop sounds of Dorian Electra, there is a whole new definition of “queer music”.
People in an elevator

Erik Satie and Furniture Music. What Is the Relation?

Have you ever walked into an elevator and notice the serene calm, yet prominent music that echoes out of the elevator speaker? It has grown to be viewed as a comical entity, as it paints awkward noise if stuck in the moving room with a person you don’t know. But this initial purpose and musical design are quietly lingering throughout our lives. You hear this kind of music at the grocery store or at airports. This musical narration is background music or in other terms Furniture music! 
Caroline Polachek concept

Open another Door with Synth Pop legend Caroline Polachek

Embrace your uniqueness with Indie Pop sensation "Caroline Polachek"! Through her free spirit and open-mindedness of all thing’s life and music, we discover the true meaning of organic authenticity. Who knew that the word “unique” would be such a struggle for some? 
Photo: by.kaca, Music business, independent artist

The Music Business: Why It’s better being an Independent Artist! 

I want to be famous! With the glamour and full expression of the entertainment industry, it can be easily mind altering to forget the hard work that surrounds the lavish lifestyle. With the advance of the internet, artists around the world are making prosperous careers through self-representation and decisions made of being an independent artist.  
Group of Djembe drummer in Ghana

Life Through the Sounds of Ghana

Africa is the focal point for all things percussive. We forget easily the influence Africa has had on government, pop culture, food, but also music! Music through the world of various African cultures, created some of the important musical implications you see in modern musical societies. Through my time here on planet earth, I recognize my past and future through my African ancestry of Ghana.
Canyoning in Vietnam

Adventure Travel: Canyoneering in Southeast Asia

Canyoneering is a fun activity that simply means exploring a canyon from point A to point B using a range of techniques. This can include walking, rafting, climbing, sliding, jumping, and more! This type of activity is especially popular in Southeast Asia, and many people travel to gorgeous canyons in that part of the world to take on these adventures. My husband, Isaac, and I discovered canyoneering in China and traveled to Indonesia and Vietnam to experience canyoneering in Southeast Asia first-hand.
8D experience

Is the 8D Music Boom THAT New?

With the constant rapid progression of technology in the current hemisphere, interactions with technical advances continue to advance entertainment capabilities. Music has adopted a whole new listening experience with 8D Audio.
Bats: Soar with the Melodies

Bats: Soar with the Melodies of Australian Night Skies with Cub Sport!

Become one with the creatures of Brisbane, Queensland. With the warmth of Australian heat and the electricity of alternative pop, the youthful band Cub Sport flies onto the music scene with their second album “BATS”.
Best Scientific Books Which Are Fun To Read

Best Scientific Books Which Are Fun To Read

People without know-how would be lost if it weren’t for the more talented writer-scientists who actually take the time to create popular science books about the fields they know well. This article demonstrates that we have many books on neuroscience, genetics, memory, nature, time, and black holes. And all of them amazing.

“Pursuing an Academic Degree Gives You a Great Opportunity to Tidy Up Your Own...

Interview with Vitaly Lopota, the ex-president and chief designer at the S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia”, the prime developer and contractor of the Russian manned spaceflight program.

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What You Need to Know About Trigger Words

In psychology, trigger words are phrases that prompt a certain reaction or remind us of a particular memory. Today, trigger words are widely used in online marketing, advertisements, and news headlines, to grab our attention in split seconds. Once they caught our eye, trigger words are to persuade us to undertake a certain action: a purchase, a share, a like, or simply - a click.