8 Apps to Improve Mental Health

Everyone should take some time to disconnect from the electronics, but sometimes technology can be a great tool. More and more researchers become interested in the use of apps when it comes to mental health. BrasilPost made a list of the tools below, designed to improve your emotional well being.

Improve your mental health by using these 8 apps that will help you to be more stable and to find out the way how to manage and control your emotions.


Talkspace allows its users to contact anonymously licensed therapists. The program has several option plans, such as therapy through messages ($ 25 a week, unlimited) or lives video therapy ($ 29 for a 30-minute session).



MoodTune uses task-based tricks to try to keep depression and anxiety under control in the form of a game. The application was developed after almost 10 years of research.


Mood 24/7

Users monitor their mood over questions sent daily by text message. The program, which uses technology licensed from Johns Hopkins University, has the option of sharing your progress with family, friends, and doctors.


PTSD Coach

This app provides information and exercises to help control stress and depression after a traumatic event. It has a monitoring tool to track symptoms of stress and links to telephone help services and other resources for friends and family.



The application helps detect patterns of health behaviors and offers recommendations based on these standards. The goal is to help you identify mental health triggers yourself.


Personal Zen

This is another app that uses therapy techniques and turns them into an engaging game. Players have to trace the path of a character in a grassy field. The researchers created the concept around the cognitive technique that deals with attention problems.



This app offers daily sessions of individual coaching by subscription. The program uses a team of researchers, technologists and clinicians who transform therapeutic techniques in simple exercises. The plans are customized to each user based on an initial self-assessment.


Crisis Text Line

This app offers emotional support 24 hours for young adults through text messages. The idea is to create a safe way to seek help when suffering from a psychological problem, be it depression, bullying or anxiety.

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