7 School of Life Videos You Should Totally Watch

Are you into reading and listening to things related to existential dread, philosophy, and life, from a deeper perspective? Then, we introduce you to ‘School of Life’ and its short animation videos which are having a massive impact on people. Read along to understand what they’re all about.

“School of Life” was one of my best YouTube encounters. I was always a huge fan of short, explanatory videos, specially animated ones. Like all Youtubers, while I was searching for irrelevant stuff, I saw an amazing video with the title  ‘School of Life – On Melancholy’. I clicked it, got amazed, and here I am waiting for their videos to come out on each week’s Wednesday.

Later on, I understood that ‘School of Life’ is much more than just a Youtube channel. As their mission states it, School of Life is devoted to helping people lead calmer and more resilient lives. ‘We share ideas on how to understand ourselves better, improve our relationships, take stock of our careers and deepen our social connections – as well as find serenity and grow more confident in facing challenges. We do this through our films, online psychotherapy, online classes and a range of our own books, ebooks and games’.

Having been a faithful follower of this channel and its founder, Alain De Botton, I feel entitled to recommend people 7 out of the most jaw dropping, accurate videos of School of Life. And selecting only 7 was quite of a tough choice!


On Melancholy

This very subtle video speaks about the importance of acknowledging Melancholy in our lives. It emphasized how it can help up recognize some of the most important truths about our personality and the world as a whole, while speaking beautifully about its fragility.


How the Modern World Makes Us Mentally ill

This video will ease the burden of your existence, slightly, by telling you that some of the things we believe about the modern world are not true. It elaborates on some of the causes of mental unwellness that have to do with large systemic problems in our societies, among these, an emphasis on individualism, a manic faith in Romantic love and a cult of meritocracy.


How Romanticism Ruined Love

Of course that Alain de Botton’s most well known opinions are on the fake expectations we have nowadays as a result of the era of romanticism. This video, is also similar to these thoughts. It will show you how you’re probably thinking the wrong way about love and romance!


The Importance of a Breakdown

This video is an absolute favourite of mine. It will let you know how the times we go mad and have breakdowns can be determining about our future selves, and how they’re only our ‘expression of a thirst for growth’.


The One Subject You Really Need to Study: Your own Childhood

If you’re looking for enlightenment when it comes down to your own self, then School of Life suggests you look back into your childhood. According to this video, by studying hard and intelligently, we’ll have the best chance of avoiding a middle-age of confusion and resignation, regret and sorrow.


Knowing Ourselves Intellectually vs. Knowing Ourselves Emotionally

The way this specific video is so unimaginably educative, is that it will teach you how you can get to know yourself intellectually and emotionally. It will let you know that you should do this, by making a difference from recognizing your own feelings, and really analyse them.


What is the Sunday Evening Feeling?

The accuracy one finds in this video can be slightly scary. Through this 5-minute animation, School of Life illuminates us to the real fact of why we fear Monday – because of lack of fulfilment. Watch it entirely, for a better understanding of these blues and your own conscience.

Photos: Shutterstock / Photomontage: Martina Advaney


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