7 Reasons To Join Startup Instead Of A Job

Startups are Hot. Most of the biggest companies of the world were, at a point startups. Google, Facebook, Uber, Alibaba, you name it and you will realize they all started on a small scale in a garage, in someone’s house or backyard and grew to world famous companies.

Why should you join rather than a startup instead of a job? Let’s look at the definition of a “Startup”. Merriam-Webster defines it as “a fledgling business enterprise”.

A common person would understand it as something that has just started but might become huge. Of course there are chances of failure and not many people talk about failures of startups but that’s a different story.

You need to be really brave to chose a startup over a safe job or starting a business.

Its a great experience and you learn quite a bit if you join a startup whether you are just starting out in the job market or are looking for change.

But before you take the plunge you need to ask yourself these important questions.

Once you have the answers, you are all set to experience a whole lot of awesomeness. You are about to read why it’s amazing to be a part of startup rather than doing a 9 to 5 job or starting your own business.

Without much ado, here are the reasons why startups may prove to be great for you.

Hands on Experience

A startup is a company which has just started and has smaller number of people working in there. This means you get to do a lot more and also see the results first hand.

You know what and how you contributed; whether it’s writing a code, meeting clients, promoting the company or any other department you are a part of.

The responsibilities are more but the feeling of being a part of a close knit group who are all valued for their input is something you can probably never experience in a bigger organization where you are a part of the machinery.

You create value and are pushed continuously to deliver your best, think creatively and innovative.

All this adds tremendous value because you get hands on experience in a lot of fields and get to do things yourself.

Loads of Learnings

Whether its the easy approach to the department heads or the founder(s) of the startup it’s all possible because of the culture which startups normally have.

You interact with the best in the business, the innovators, the thinkers, the doers all in one place and they can all teach you a lot both professionally and personally.

A startup is the best Business School you can go to and get paid for it. You are expected to wear multiple hats, help people in things that you probably never did before and adapt and learn quickly because there are a few people who are responsible for doing everything in the organization.

Everyone is willing to help you to learn new things every day so you come out with a lot of new skill sets in a very short amount of time.

I am sure most people working in a start up have a job title but end up doing a lot more than that every day. There is a great amount of mentoring and coaching opportunities if you are open to learn things.

All of this means you will be in a very powerful position to start your own business some day because of the skills acquired during the phase of being in the startup.

Get Inspired

I am sure we would all agree that it requires talent, courage and to have a forward thinking with deep insight and a passion for something when you start a company.

When you are a part of the start up, you can interact with the founders and more senior people in the management first hand because they are always accessible.

These people can be great mentors and advisors for the future path you want to take.

These people are passionate to make the world a better place by solving some pressing issues and you have an enthusiastic team with innovative ideas and full of energy.

The whole environment is bound to spark something in you and you will come out as a much brighter, hard working and focused individual after this experience.

Zero Office Politics

No one in a startup has time for office politics. Everyone is working beyond his normal job title and trying to help each other normally in this kind of setup. There is a hierarchy and you do report to people but there are no set rules and no boring “normal office” nonsense.

Your ideas are heard by the right people because it is a smaller team and you are given feedback quickly.

You have the freedom to go ahead with projects which are exciting and execute them on your own terms. All of this comes with responsibility though. If you fail, you are largely responsible for it.

Work Recognition

Because you are a part of a smaller team, you will be easily credited and recognized for your efforts.

It might also happen in a bigger organization but here you have a better chance of being noticed and appreciated directly from the people who matter.

There is no one to steal your ideas or walk away with the credit because you are all a part of the same team who has the same goal; to succeed.

Great Networking Opportunities

You meet and work with some of the best brains in a startup. They all might prove to be great asset and a highly valuable network. Plus again the benefits of smaller team is that they will all know you better.

They all will help you grow personally and professionally.

Some of them might go out and launch their own startups and ask for your help or vice versa. Even the people who are not your colleagues but vendors to clients to anyone who you come into contact may be all influential and powerful people who may all be a part of a great network.

Even if they don’t advance your career journey, you end up knowing interesting and amazing people.

Overall Development

Joining a startup is not for the weak and faint hearted. You end up working extra hours, long nights or even more than expected out of you professionally and sometimes the monetary rewards might not justify that work but that’s the beauty of working for a startup.

You get much more than just money.

A very influential, intelligent network of people, new skill sets, pushing yourself to extreme limits and knowing how much pressure you can handle to a whole lot of amazing benefits which money can’t buy you.

It changes you as a person and mostly for good and brings out the best in you.

We look forward to some of the startup stories from you all and hope this article inspired you to join one yourself.

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