7 Best Startups From Bosnia And Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a very interesting country from the perspective of new business formations. Regardless of the tough economic situation, there are energetic and creative young people in Bosnia who are launching really interesting startups.

The list of the best startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina


1. Décor In portal

Decor In is the first professional portal in B&H that writes on topics of decoration and interior and exterior furnishings, with an emphasis on companies that operate in B&H. After nearly two years of operation, they have become a base for all those who want to find, in one single place, ideas and tips about how to make design excellence a feature of their home, garden or office. One of the main aims of the portal is to promote products made in B&H.


  2. Submarine Vibes

Submarine vibes, Bosnia and Herzegovina, startups
Submarine vibes


Submarine Vibes is a digital electronic music label and a project that has been launched by a group of young, creative, and ambitious people who are trying to create quality domestic products through a synthesis of music, design, and other zones of interest in today’s marketplace.

Dino Aganović, one of the founders, says that he started the Submarine Vibes digital record label over a year ago. In addition to focusing on music and organizing parties and workshops in Sarajevo, he tries to be as creative and as interesting as possible in terms of design and marketing.

He adds that, since the sale of music online is still quite impossible in Bosnia, the promotion of music is directed at foreign countries. Constant work and effort, full of desire and love, Dino believes, will eventually bring good results. He hopes consumers in Bosnia and Herzegovina will become more and more interested in Submarine Vibes and its products.


  3. NajDoktor

Startups, NajDoktor, Bosnia and Herzegovina

NajDoktor.ba is a website that has a rich database and great tools that allow its users to choose what’s best for their health. The site equally represents those seeking health services and those who provide them – linking the two groups into one story.

That story aims to increase the standard of health services, as well as health awareness and user services. This unique platform for exchanging information contributes to increasing the level of health awareness among the population and the physicians as much as improving health services and healthy living in B&H.


4. ABO donor

Startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ABO DONOR


“ABO Donor” is a one-of-a-kind application and is a novelty in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The idea for the app came out of the essential need for life-saving. This is a unique project designed to increase the availability of the most important fluid that exists in the medical field – blood.

The aim of the application is to introduce an innovation in the field of blood donation, using the most modern technology (geolocation, social networking FB, Twitter, etc.) and high clinical standards.

The application itself, designed to increase the availability of blood for the medical requirements of all citizens, targets three population groups:

  • Blood donors
  • People who need blood
  • Professionals with transfusion expertise

The application is designed to function as a social network, which means users have their own profiles. Included on the user profiles are their public data (name and surname), blood type, the number of blood donations, and awards and medals.

Awards and medals are given to motivate people to donate blood. In addition, users have the option of inviting their friends to join in donating blood, a request can be sent via Facebook or texting.


5. Krompir.ba


Krompir.ba is a website that picks and chooses fresh fruits and vegetables for you. The app allows users to order fresh products from anywhere, anytime, and with any device.


6. Four Game Studio

Four game studio, Startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Four game studio


The people who work at Four Game Studio (4GS) live to code awesome games. The Studio was established by a group of entrepreneurial gamers and developers who share the same life rule: “live to code awesome games”. The company is one of the most player-focused game studios in Bosnia.

7. giikly

giikly is a rich platform that connects knowledge and entertainment. Its primary goal is to wake up children’s curiosity and creativity while minimizing the generation gap between them and grown-ups, connecting children with their parents and teachers.

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