7 Most Innovative Start-ups In Tunisia

In a country which is shaped by the biggest civilizations since the antiquity, geographically located in between the Europe and Africa and having French language as an official language are just the few advantages of young tunisians who are creating great start-ups, ones that easily can be replicated almost in any country around the world. 
Here is a list of seven start-ups from Tunisia, it is more a list which represents the start-up environment of Tunisia rather any sort of competition which is the best one or the most-innovative one. Get inspired and motivated by their hard work and creativity.

Seeing that the Middle Eastern and Africa’s health care system is failing, and a revolution is needed and that the hospital visits are a messy and experience, and people don’t have fast and easy access to the medical services they need. Considering all these issues, this start-up is aiming to fix their broken health care industry by making it more open and providing alternative services.
DigitalMania is a start-up focused more on the gaming industry, their aim is to be a worldwide leader of the video game industry, standing out with games providing real added value.
Since they are founded, these are some for their products: Bursts bubbles, kill the mosquitoes or browse the futuristic city of Tunis and so on.
The mission of this start-up is to empower the “car experience”, they are helping people and businesses to get the most of their “driving” data. Telematik is a Tunisian Startup with participation from Tunisie Telecom, N°1 Telco operator in Tunisia.
Telematik maintly is developing and providing telematics solutions, but also offering a range of services including fleet management and UBI solutions.
Manuskri is an online bookstore in Tunisia focused mainly on covering the needs in Tunisia, by offering all the range of books from clasics to the bestsellers. Their delivery it’s very fast, it takes only 72 hours throughout the country, and four days abroad.
Founded in November 2009, Viamobile  is the pioneer of Mobile / Internet Money (Banking, Payment, and Commerce) in Tunisia.
Combining strong technological skills and creativity, they advise and develop advanced mobile solutions for companies that want to innovate their relationships with their customers.
I.T GRAPES is an IT engineering services company and an incubator of for new IT projects, specializing on developing mobile and web solutions. I.T GRAPES takes care of the whole process of development that from the development of a website, a mobile application, a CRM / ERP or the embedded project. Their multidisciplinary teams have proven their expertise in the development of large projects launched all over Tunisia.
Saphon Energy is a cleantech company specialized in developing a breakthrough innovation named “The Saphonian”, Zero-Blade wind converter. The Saphonian, invented by Anis Aouini, offers an efficient and cost-effective way to generate green energy. Instead of spinning blades, the wind is being harnessed by a curved sail-shaped body which follows a back and forth 3D knot motion. This motion (like a wobbling dish) allows the conversion of the majority of the wind kinetic energy into mechanical energy through the use of pistons.

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