7 Most Innovative Start-ups In Scotland

Scotland is a country with a very rich history of innovation, but it hasn’t stopped there, and the surge of recent successful entrepreneurial endeavours proves that. This latest trends has made the region one of the hottest tech startup hubs in the world. Scotland 'earned' this attribute thanks to the talented and determined entrepreneurs all over the country, and these that we have listed here will prove this attribute. Get inspired and motivated by their great work and impact.

QikServe is a vibrant, exciting start up venture set to revolutionize the casual dining industry. Ever been in a restaurant waiting to be served or frustrated that you have to up to a service desk to order your meal. You have to remember it. If you are on your own, you have to decide on whether to leave your possessions at the table or take them up with you when you order.
ShareIn is the only business in the UK able to offer you a full equity crowdfunding ‘turnkey’ solution allowing you to do what you do best – Drive your business forward. With ShareIn you can directly crowdfund from your own website or run your own crowdfunding platform. This startup is very well placed to assist you over the crowdfunding hurdles.
NooQ is a visual communication platform that cuts through the noise. Creating graphic heat maps that amplify the important issues, you can quickly see your working day at a glance.
Money dashboard is the only place which gives you the true view of your finances, so you can keep an eye on your day-to-day spending, and monitor whether you’re earning more than you’re spending, and making efficient use of any credit. It even lets you know if you’re likely to have any spare money left to spend at the end of the month.
Make Works is an online platform for factory finders. Their mission is to make local manufacturing accessible and inspiring.
Make Works sources local manufacturing. This platform allows the community of designers and makers to find manufacturers, material suppliers and workshop facilities in their local area.
This software helps training companies and training departments to manage their entire business. Its integrated online system includes three products that focus on making your training administration easier, help you deliver outstanding E-Learning, and assist you in keeping your website up to date (and taking those online course bookings!).
Skyscanner is one of the leading global travel search sites, providing instant online comparisons for millions of flights, as well as car hire and hotels. With skyscanner you can search all airlines allow you to find the cheapest flights to your chosen destination.

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