7 Most Innovative Start-ups in Poland

A little bit of surprise, but Poland has a real kick-ass startup environment.  Inspired by other start-ups that have already taken the world, polish young enrepreneurs are very keen on closing the gaps that big start-ups has left, and so far they are doing it greatly. This list of seven start-ups which are from different fields of life just proves you that they are serious and competitive to other start-up cities around the world.


Students ask questions about school subjects that are difficult for them and help others with the ones they feel confident about. By solving other people’s problems users earn points, which they can use for asking questions. If something is unclear – they use comments to get clarifications. Over 300 moderators (students, teachers, parents, PhDs, professors, specialists) supervise the quality of the content published.


Tiny sensors to monitor everything you care about such as: temperature, movement, humidity, light. Clime is paired directly with your smartphone, with more services and features on the way. Clime also works with Clime HUB, a standalone receiver that can send all data to the cloud.

Cloud Your Car 

A simple magic tool for monitoring and managing company cars.  Cloud Your Car is the simplest and the most affordable fleet management solution.


Enable people to really know each other and themselves. Find smart people like you. BROWSE people & games near you. PLAY with selected people. CONNECT only with the best ones!


DICE+ is an electronic die and also a wireless controller. It links the physical world of board games with the digital world, creating a new category also called as “Powered Board Games”.  

You can use a tablet, smartphone, laptop or TV set as a digital board game. The die communicates with the game via Bluetooth. All you need to do is roll the die and the result is automatically sent to the game.

Meeting Application 

Meeting Application is engaged in the design, development and sale of mobile applications for events and conferences.


Traverlust is a young start-up created in March 2014 with the aim to enable anyone to travel around the world on a small budget. They are specialized on finding the cheapest fares and deals, researching any destinations to find the attractions perfectly tailored to your needs and offering wide range of recommendations to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. 

Photo: kavalenkau/shutterstock 

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