7 Most Innovative Start-ups In Hong Kong

If we say that Hong Kong's start-ups ecosystem is growing, this is  an absolute understatement! The most suitable description is if we say it's booming. As everyday more and more success stories of new start-ups pile up. Thus Hong Kong is beginning to stake its claim as one of Asia's hottest start-up hubs. And the listing of some of these start-ups in this article, is just a sneak peek of that boom we mentioned before.

Ambi Labs


Ambi Labs team is comprised of a talented group of like-minded individuals who share a common vision augmenting everyday household objects with intuitive, useful, and usable technology. They have a strong makers ethos, with much of the core team also involved with Dim Sum Labs, the hackerspace in Hong Kong.



Boxful is more than just storage. This start-up is creating a lifestyle where space isn’t a luxury – it’s flexible and right at your fingertips. Boxful is a service that allows you to store and seamlessly manage your belongings from your computer or mobile device, and know that they’re just a speedy delivery away. 

Garage Society


Garage Society serves all lifestyles, while committing itself to shared aspirations in entrepreneurialism. Garage Society’s collaborative ecosystem takes on initiatives in co-working, co-learning, and co-investing to bring about tangible growth and inspiring change.



Kokonuzz has been created from the get-go with licensing in mind. This company builds brands and audience engagement by offering quality entertainment free of charge distributed through social/mobile media. 



uHoo is your defense against air pollution. uHoo contains various sensors that track everything from temperature and relative humidity, to particulate matter (dust particles) and to air quality such as volatile organic compounds and carbon dioxide.

uHoo senses your home / office environment and allows you to connect to it anytime and anywhere. All this information is safely stored in our secure uHoo Cloud so that you can keep track of changes in your environment and relate that information to your health.



Founded in 2014 in Hong Kong, Popmap transforms the way you shop by connecting the world’s most interesting independent shops and shoppers alike, all on one interactive map. Popmap opens you the door to the most interesting boutiques & designers from around the world, to help you shop the world like a local.



Spa and Wellness Community that curates and reviews different massages, spas, wellness getaways, alternative fitness, rejuvenation ideas and more. 


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