7 Most Innovative Start-ups Bulgaria


Talent on the field of technology and venture-capital lately has been working pretty well in Bulgaria. The number of newborn startups has turned the country into South-east Europe’s technology hub’s. In the continuity of our articles ‘7 Most Innovative Start-ups’ we will present you just few of these start-ups who are leading the ‘game’.


Imagga API is a set of image analysis and understanding technologies available as web services that allow owners of large image collections to  automate the process of analyzing, organizing and searching through the images inside their collections.


Coherent UI is a graphical User Interface system specially designed for games and native apps. Game developers and UI artists can use standard modern HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design and implement game interface and interaction. Coherent UI makes easy connecting gameplay, game objects, and systems to the UI.


farmhopping is an online platform through which you get direct access to the products of domestic manufacturers. Through this plarform you can order clean food directly from farms which will be delivered directly in your home or office.


This start-up is re-inventing the first gaming platform ‘the playground’ by making outdoor games more fun, educational and functional. Their products motivate kids to play longer and more often outdoors by harvesting the kinetic energy from playgrounds and giving it back to children in the form of of light or sounds.


Flyver is an online platform that enables developers to create apps for drones as easy as for smartphones. It is an open-source framework and also a set of other tools for app development. Their ultimate goal is to build a marketplace for drone apps.


This start-up is definitely the best platform that may solve a global issue: Help party-animals and other event species to find food for their souls! It is the ultimate place for the independent artists and venues, who do not have big budget to promote their events and live shows.

Bee Smart Technologies 

The Smart Beehive Management System is the necessary solution for saving honeybees. It functionality is by measuring all vital signs in a hive and reading the data to produce a real time medical record for each honeybee colony, Bee Smart Technologies delivers unprecedented monitoring capabilities to beekeepers. 

The list of Bulgarian start-ups is way much longer, but as in all previous articles we are trying to pick some which can represent the start-up scene of every country in general scope. And Bulgaria without any doubt have a very vibrant start-up environment for this fact it’s also one of the leading countries in south-east Europe.

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