7 Games for Math Experts

If you are a fan of mathematics, then you know that finding a solution to a mathematical puzzle or challenge can be a lot of fun, but the challenges posed by textbooks and exams can be very dull and repetitive.

Games for math experts? If you are a fan of mathematics, then you know that finding a solution to a mathematical puzzle or challenge can be a lot of fun, but the challenges posed by textbooks and exams can be very dull and repetitive.

If you are looking for some new ways to challenge and test your mathematical prowess, then try one of these great games. Or if you really want to improve your knowledge, apply for a math scholarship.


Try a Strategy Card Game and Build a Collection of Cards

Collectible card games, such as Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering, are a great way to use your maths skills to have fun, play games, and win!

Magic: The Gathering, or simply MTG, is one of the world’s most popular card games, and has tournaments all across the world, making it a great way to socialise and make new friends. The game helps younger players to develop strategy skills, as well as make use of basic maths.

7 Games for Math Expert
7 Games for Math Expert

Without being able to complete basic sums in your head quickly, you will struggle to succeed in MTG. Having the right maths skills and strategy can lead to some epic battles that can really put your abilities to the test. You can also play online and on smartphones with virtual card decks, and play against other gamers from the comfort of your own home, or while on the move.


Test Your Maths Skills with Strategy-Based Video Games

There is a whole host of great strategy-based video games that you can play on your own or competitively which will push your mathematic and decision-making skills to their limits.

The Command & Conquer series of video games have been developed since the early days of home computing, and maths fans find it easy to succeed when playing these games – it’s very challenging too.

Trading resources is one aspect of the game that solid maths skills will help you to dominate. Building your outposts efficiently and finding value will also lead to success. You can play on smartphones, laptops, and video game consoles too, making this game series incredibly convenient to play.


Play Chess and Challenge Your Ability to Calculate Probabilities

Chess is one of the planet’s most ancient games, and its popularity is growing once again. This game will give you an opportunity to learn about strategy and patterns, as well as provide you with the chance to test your ability to estimate probabilities.

With a little research into chess strategy and the history of the game, any skilled mathematician can excel in chess. Success relies on your ability to quickly assess and weigh your options, and find the best route to victory.

Play Chess
Play Chess


Try the Game Nine Men’s Morris

This game is perhaps even older than chess and has its roots based in ancient Egypt and the Sumerian civilisation. It was popular with Vikings too, and has been a pastime enjoyed by some of history’s greatest figures.

The board and pieces resemble chess a little, but the game is played very differently. Each player has nine pieces that they can move along lines on the board to group together into groups of three called mills.

Younger players can enjoy the game to develop adding, subtraction, and multiplication skills. Older and more advanced players enjoy developing strategies that can guarantee a draw, and create opportunities for a win.

Strategical thinking
Strategical thinking


Play Some Blackjack or Poker Online

If you have great maths skills, then you might find some traditional card games like poker and blackjack a fun way to put your knowledge to the test. Poker, and particularly blackjack, are the perfect games for maths geeks who want to win consistently, and even make some profit on the side.

You can find some links to the best online casinos at www.onlinecasinos.co.uk. They review and rate online casinos to help people find the best places to play online. Why not test your maths skills with a game of poker or blackjack at one of the top-rated casinos at www.onlinecasinos.co.uk?

Playing Poker as a Career: Are High Stakes a Fair Price for True Freedom?


Sudoku is a Crossword for Mathematics Fanatics

This fantastic Japanese number game has been puzzling and challenging maths fans for decades in newspapers all over the globe. Sudoku is a fun challenge for even the greatest maths wizards, and there are some fantastic websites and apps that let you play whenever you like wherever you are!

The game sounds simple, but can often be fiendishly difficult. The game is a 9×9 grid, containing smaller squares arranged 3 by 3. The object of the game is to fill in each small square with a digit between 1 and 9 and finish with each row and column of the game grid containing the numbers 1 to 9.

Each game grid has some numbers filled in already, reducing your options and creating some interesting challenges. Play with a pencil is our advice.


Look to Your Smartphone for Some Excellent Maths Games

Playing games on your smartphone has become a popular pastime for millions of people around the world. There are games available on smartphones to cater to just about anyone’s tastes, and mathematicians are no exception.

2048 is a fantastic maths game that is fun for all the family. The simple game mechanics revolve around matching tiles with the same number. When you do this, they create a single tile with double that number, so 2 becomes 4, then 8, then 16, and so on.

The game ends when you have filled your screen with tiles and can no longer move them around, or you create the 2048 tile! This game is seriously addictive and is perfect for playing on a short commute or a quick break at work.

Any one of the great maths games on our list could become your new mathematical obsession. We think you should try them all, but you should at least give two or three a try and see if you can find a new, fun way to challenge your maths skills.

Some games like Magic: The Gathering or video games will require some investment, but many apps are free to play and online games like poker and blackjack can even make you some money! Try some of these great math games today!

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