Six Creative Ways To Make Extra Money

Many people are now looking for ways to earn an extra income. This situation has been facilitated by a lack of well-paying jobs and the need to get more money to fund the rising cost of living. Do you want to earn an extra income? There are so many things you can do during your free time or partly with your current job and make money.

Some of these things do not require much capital and can give you more money than what you earn when employed. Many people have left their jobs and easily started to earn extra money.

This article will discuss some creative ways that can make you earn enough dollars to pay for your expenses. Here is the list.

Rent out your spare room

Do you live in an apartment which has an extra room for visitors? Probably you have never
received those visitors, or they don’t come regularly. You can convert the room into a lovely
bedroom and rent it out to willing visitors.

You only need to make a few additions, advertise the room and get visitors who will pay for some short or long stays. Where can I advertise the rooms? There are websites, including Airbnb and social media sites, where you can advertise your hosting services and get guests to book the room for a fee.

You can also rent out your full house if you never live there and earn more income from it. You will be assured of getting consistent income as long as the room remains booked.

All that you need to know if you want to become an Airbnb host read in our Magazine.

Do the online research and data entry jobs

Do you know many companies out there are willing to pay you to conduct some online research
and do data entry? You can participate in research studies and earn lots of money to pay your

While some you can do at home, others require you to visit the areas and do the physical
research. Engaging in online research studies is much better since you can do them anywhere,
even when working in your primary job.

However, not all companies that offer research jobs are genuine. You have to go through reviews and get the best studies that pay. This will prevent you from getting scammed by fake sites.


Teach online classes

Are you a trained teacher or someone who loves teaching? Online teaching classes are now on
the rise. This situation is escalated by the coronavirus pandemic, where students are forced to
learn online while at home.

You can use the several available platforms to get the targeted students and sell your knowledge. Some of these online teaching platforms are free to use, while others require paying a little fee to get the premium services. Grab the opportunity now and start teaching online in the evenings, during the weekends, and in your free time to earn money.

Most of the retired professors and teachers in practice are doing this. You can join them and offer your skills to the many students who are waiting for such services.

Sell stuff on Craigslist

Craigslist website has facilitated the selling and buying of second-hand things. If you have
something in your house that you don’t use, you can list them on this website or social media
sites and earn extra money.

Such items can be clothes, electronics, smart gadgets, laptops, computers, and among other things.

You can also buy the same things from individuals who vacate your estate or from your neighbors and resell them to earn profits. It doesn’t have to be second-hand items. You can also buy goods from wholesalers and sell them in retail to make some extra money.

You can shop from international websites like Amazon and resell the same to your friends and families at a profit.


Sell your photos

Do you love photography? Are you fond of taking photos? Then you can convert your love for
photos into a money-making scheme.

You need to get a high-quality camera, take some quality photos, and sell them online through various websites. Websites like Shutterstock do help photographers sell their art at a considerable fee. The pay is as per downloads made.

You can also become a professional photographer during events, take photos and sell them.

Here is the interview with one of the most popular Shutterstock photographers- Brothers Zumurovic.

Sell your skills

Are you a graphic designer, a voice-over artist, or someone who knows to create easy-to-read,
informative articles? Well, you can sell your skills through online freelance websites. Websites
such as Upwork and Fiverr do offer freelancers an opportunity to sell their skills.

On these websites, you are paid according to the work done. You can also provide other services,
including editing, research, transcription, web design, and much more.
The above are only a few things you can do and earn extra money.

The list can be more, and it all depends on your skills and determination to make it.

Many people have created opportunities and are earning vast sums of money. You only need to find your opportunity and maximize it to achieve big.

Photos: Shutterstock 

Once when you earn money, learn how to save it and meet financial literacy terms.

Financial Literacy 101: Being Smart with Money Pays Off

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