6 Books You Need to Add to Your Reading List

Do you happen to have a long list of books to read on your phone? Do you end up buying books even though you haven't read the ones on your bookshelves yet? Looking to add some more since somehow you can never have enough of them? Well here's a list of books you can read (or just buy) during the weekend.

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1984 by George Orwell

 This is a story about a young man called Winston, a member of a ruling party in London. A party that follows him everywhere he goes, in whatever he is doing, whoever he meets. Even at home, he is being watched through telescreens. Wherever he lays his eyes, he can see this figure of a leader known as Big Brother. This very well-known party controls every citizen, through their history and their language as well. Newspeak is an invented language and the party is forcing its implementation since it prevents political rebellion. This new vocabulary eliminates all the words related to it. Rebellious thoughts are illegal. The worst crime you can do is thoughtcrime. At the beginning of this novel, It is mentioned that Winston feels quite frustrated by the control of the party. They are prohibiting freedom of speech and any sort of self-expression activities. This is why Winston decides to buy a journal and write his thoughts there, illegally. Is “Big Brother” watching him? Does he get caught with a journal? That’s for you to find out.


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Where reasons end – Yiyun Li

The narrator’s son, a 16-year-old asks in the book “If you write about suffering, if you understand suffering, why did you give me a life?”  After Yiyun Li wrote about her depression in 2017, her son committed suicide and this book was written in the months that followed his death. Yiyun Li converts her grief into art, writing in details about her life. This book is filled with intimate and moving conversations; pain, sadness and feeling of losing someone, while also portraying love and relationship between mother and son.


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Anxious people – Fredrik Backman

Think about it, a hostage situation in a Swedish apartment. A bank robber locks himself in with an estate agent, who is over-enthusiastic about things; a pregnant woman; a multi-millionaire, who is quite suicidal; two IKEA addicts and a rabbit. Plot twist, the robber lets everyone go and when the police finally find out where the apartment is, they go inside and find the apartment empty! A lot of testimonies are being told at the police station, each and every witness is telling their own versions of what really happened. However, the robber managed to escape. Everyone is frustrated with the situation. What is going on with people nowadays? How did he manage to escape?


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A lonely girl is a dangerous thing – Jessie Tu

We all know how adulthood can be! Growing up is really hard and complicated, isn’t it? It is especially complicated if you think that your life is a mess in your twenties. Jena Lin is a girl who plays violin. At the moment, she is struggling a little balancing her life with all the fame she has. Rehearsals, concerts, auditions and concerts are taking a toll on her. She doesn’t actually have a good and healthy personal life. She lives by respecting the rules of her family, friends and sometimes she hooks up with someone. Suddenly, Mark shows up in her life. A quite thoughtful, smart and wise person who in a way consumes her. How is that going to impact her life? Will it affect her dreams?


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The dictionary of lost words – Pip Williams

Beneath the sorting table, unheard and unseen was Esme`s place. Having been raised by a father whose profession was lexicography – collecting words for the very first Oxford English Dictionary, Esme was surrounded by words. This is a story of a girl who stole a word. In 1901, it was discovered that the word “Bonmaid” was missing from the Oxford English Dictionary. As time passes by, Esme comes to realize that some words are quite more important than others. Some words get lost as they flutter on the floor, words related to women and their experiences often are not recorded.


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Grown-ups – Marian Keyes

What can a concussion do? It can make you spill your family secrets all at once. The Caseys, Ed, Liam and their beautiful wives like going to parties of all kinds. May it be a birthday party, anniversary or simply a weekend getaway. Everything is under control until Johnny’s birthday party happens. Ed’s wife Cara gets a concussion and somehow cannot control what she is saying. All of a sudden, she starts spilling all of their secrets. Find a comfortable place to read, have yourself a coffee or tea while Cara spills the beans.


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