5 Tracking Apps That Will Make Everyday Life Easier

We live in a crazy world where everything happens so fast . 24 hours are starting to feel insufficient to do all we have planned, let alone keep track of every single detail. Fortunately, we have smartphones that act smart for us when we don’t have time for that. Here are 5 apps that will come in handy to track your life.


When do you need to track yourself if not when you’re asleep? This app monitors your sleep movement and shows you your sleep quality and the average time in bed from the night before. It also wakes you up when you sleep the lightest.

The Pet Phone

Do you have a pet and love them as if they were a part of your family? Do your parents scold you about not taking care of your pets as much as they do? This app will help you keep track of your pet’s health needs and vet appointments all in one place.

Travel Pocket

For those who love to travel but aren’t a fan of the travel costs there is an app. It is not simple to keep track of your finances while on a trip and this app does just that, it lets you set the budget and tracks your spend while traveling.


Are you impatient while waiting for a delivery? “Parcel” is an app that supports over 240 delivery services and it notifies you when something is on its way. You’ll never lose track of a parcel again.


While you are using all of your favorite apps, do you ever wonder how addicted you are to your phone? There is an app for that too. “Checky” tracks how many times you’ve checked your smartphone that day. So if you’re curious, try it but be warned, it might scare you.

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