5 Things That Will Make Your Trip Unforgettable!


Many experts say that traveling is probably the best way to expand one’s knowledge and perspective of the world. Although big cities, historic sites and tropical beaches have always been people’s favourite destinations, many tourists prefer green landscapes, mountains and cliffs. One of these natural wonders is Victoria Falls, a mesmerising town in Zimbabwe and home of the world’s largest waterfall. If you are fed up with tourist crowds and mainstream attractions, and if you’re passionate about naturae, Victoria Falls might just be the perfect place for you. Here’s why.


Located in the province of Matabeleland North, in the west of the country, Victoria Falls lies on the southern part of the famous Zambezi river. The town is very close to the Zambia-Zimbabwe border, only 17 kilometers from Livingstone, a major city in the south of Zambia. Victoria Falls is very well connected to the rest of Zimbabwe and to neighbouring countries. The town is connected by road and railway to Hwange in northwestern Zimbabwe, and has an international airport that highly contributes to the the tourism industry in Victoria Falls. The airport provides flights to Maun (Botswana), Windhoek (Namibia), Johannesburg (South Africa), Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) and Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe.


The Falls, obviously! 

The spectacular waterfalls are certainly one of the best attractions in Africa for nature lovers, photographers and hikers. Victoria Falls is located on the Zambezi river, Africa’s fourth largest river. It is over one kilometer wide and more than one hundred meters high. The sound of the waterfalls can actually be heard from a distance of more than 30 kilometers. Unless you don’t mind getting wet, you will probably need a raincoat when you’re visiting Victoria Falls because the mist created by the falling water can rise up in the air to a height of over 400 meters and then gently touches everything around. The waterfalls offer breathtaking views that can be seen from the Zimbabwean side. The most accessible route to the falls is by entering the Victoria Falls national park and following the directions displayed at the entrance.



Whether you’re doing some sightseeing, taking a safari tour, having lunch at your hotel or just walking around, there is always a good chance to capture some wildlife in Victoria Falls because the area surrounding the town supports many species. Unlike many popular waterfalls around the world, Victoria Falls is not over commercialized, which helps protect and maintain the natural habitats of many wild animals; wild boars, monkeys, elephants, hippos, deers, amongst many others. The climate and the natural characteristics of Victoria Falls make this place a perfect ecosystem that is favourable and non-threatening for the fauna of this region. 


The activities 

For many people the “what to do” part might be the most important one. Luckily, there are plenty of activities to choose from while you’re in Victoria Falls. From the historic bridge tour, to bungee jumping to helicopter tours, the activities are countless. The major activities in Victoria Falls are offered by several operators. They offer river cruises, canoe trips, transfers and tours, safaris and fishing trips, helicopter sightseeing tours and kayaking. For the adrenaline junkies, there is a long list of heartstopping activities such as bungee jumping, gorge swings, zip line, cable slide etc… Whatever activity you choose to do in Victoria Falls, it will always be part of an enjoyable journey that you will never forget.


The people 

This is probably the best thing about Victoria Falls. People in this town are extremely nice. They would do their best to assist you in finding your way and help you enjoy your stay to the fullest. The friendly hotel staff, the smiling drivers and the locals who are always happy to welcome foreigners in their hometown, are all parts of a big warm-hearted family. Almost everyone in Victoria Falls speaks English, which makes the communication with foreigners easy and smooth. When you are in Victoria Falls, you will certainly make a lot friends, and they will all contribute to making your Zimbabwean journey pleasant, enriching and certainly unforgettable.

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