5 Signs You Are in a “Situationship”

We all met someone who went from flirting to something more, but we couldn’t define what is the relationship that we have? Is it just friendship or something more?

Everyone and I mean everyone in our lives found themself at least once in a situationship. But what is a situationship and how to know if you are in one?

“A situationship is that space between a committed relationship and something more than a friendship,” explains psychotherapist and author Jonathan Alpert.

Are You In a Situationship? What It Is and How to Get Out of It.

Situationship is not necessarily a bad thing but it’s important to know when it’s no longer healthy, or when you need to quit because it’s better to know sooner than later.


 Signs You Are in a Situationship.

  • You don’t expect things to change in the first weeks of dating, but as the weeks go by you don’t see the spark, you don’t feel like the person you are going on dates with is doing more, he doesn’t invite you to do things together or to meet his friends.


  • If the person you are going out with is also seeing someone else, or multiple persons, you might be in a situationship. Try to find out through your mutual friends, if she or he is meeting other people. You wouldn’t like to find it out later and then get frustrated. Never underestimate the power of the information you might learn from mutual friends or the internet.


  • When you are in a committed relationship, you make long-term plans such as going out together, you make time for your significant other, you can’t wait to see that person. However, when you are in a situationship the person you are dating doesn’t have any plans with you, they find excuses not to meet. Maybe they are just not feeling the same way as you do.


  • When the other person is not that into you as you wish they were, you just smell it. Based on your instincts and what you’ve seen so far, you decide what you want to do.


  • You might feel anxious if you don’t know at what stage you are with that person, you are constantly thinking of what is going to happen in the future, when you are going to meet, if they like you or not. When you are not sure what kind of relationship you are in, you feel insecure. That’s a terrible feeling because you can’t focus, you start feeling anxious, and for God’s sake, who wants that?


What You Should Do if You Are in a Situationship

Of course, it’s better to talk with the other person even if they might freak out or get scared. Because sometimes maybe they just don’t want to be committed, so they prefer to be in a casual relationship. Communicating is the key. Telling the person how you are feeling about them and what your expectations are might solve things for better or for worse.

Situationships can be transformed into relationships, but they also might never change. So don’t waste your time to avoid getting sad or depressed because of your expectations. Trust yourself and ask your inner self what you want from this relationship you are in, what is your goal? Based on this information you should be able to decide further on. You call the shots.


Illustration: Elena Kalinicheva/shutterstock.com


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