5 Movies About The Possible Impact Of Climate Change

Some argue that global warming does not exist, others are sounding the alarm. It is a controversial topic any which way and brings many questions, whether we humans are significantly responsible for changes in the climate and what to do with that. Today's films are concerned with the same issues.


Aluna is a second movie in a row from the director Alan Ereira regarding the forgotten ‘tribes‘ of Kogi living deep in the Colombian mountains. Their wisdom,  knowledge and observation are based on the thinking system caled Aluna. After they showed up in the movie back in the 1990s, warning humankind to seriously change gears to be able to save the world.  The film Aluna after 20 years reminds us that we must slow down.

Greedy Lying Bastards

Global warning is the issue of nowadays. This documentary film looks for the behind the scenes at a scientific village to find out shocking truths about a scientist playing a role to deny the global warning, for money. The result, short term interests of a small group of very rich people being supported at the expense of the long term interests of the entire planet.

 Arctic Tale

 Captivating story telling about Nanu the polar bear cub and Sell the walrus in the background of an important message that their life depends on the ice that keeps melting fast beneath their paws.


There Once Was An Island 

Paradise in the world – that could be the first view opinion of the little Atol Takku inhabited by a group of Polynesians. The community, due to the rising levels of the ocean experiences severe flooding and the goverment decides to move them from the island.

Carbon Nation 

After movies that bring what we already know and force us to think again, Carbon Nation goes one step further and offers alternative solutions for energy sources.

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