5 Movies About Different Cultures

Another week has passed and the weekend is almost here. For those who would like to spend it with a good film, here is the weekly YT offer of movies. We hope you enjoy theses unusual and interesting movies.


The year 2014 was tragic for a community of the Sherpas from  Mount Everest. It was also a point in life when the Sherpas had to decide if they would continue with their profession of guiding and assisting mountain climbers or take Mother Nature’s warning and move on. Sherpa is a documentary which follows this very time of their lives.


Ofelaš / Pathfinder

An ancient legend comes alive in this movie. A young boy is  on his way to avenge the dangerous tribe of Chuds for the death of his parents. This is a forceful movie about human cohesiveness, emotions and survival in the region of eternal snow and frost.



Gipsies have been, historicaly,  tolerated but always, at some level were despised  for their lifestyle. The movie Korkoro introduces a gypsy family and their strugle during world war II in France. It is inspired by true events.


Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner

This is an interesting legend from old Eskimo times about a hunter Atanardžuat, escaping the false accusation of murder, through the inhospitable taiga.


Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

This HBO movie is based on the book by Dee Brown about the times during the 19th century in America after the battle of the Little Big Horn. In the background of these historical events, the movie tracks the life of one native American, who converts to Cristianity and sends his own son to blend into and get accustomed to the newly established society.

Photo: Rotten Tomatoes

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