5 Movie Characters Who Will Drive You Crazy

Do you know that kind of movie, where the main character/characters is/are so obviously unequipped to lead an average or normal life, who is constantly clumsy, obsessive or just so dissatisfied with everything that it almost drives you mad, but still or maybe because of that the movie is just hillarious? Then exactly that is the topic of today's five movies.

What about Bob (1991)

Bill Murray as Bob and Richard Dreyfus as Dr. Leo Marvin. But! Bob is not just a regular patient. Doctor Leo is succesful psychiatrist, very comfortable and satisfied in private life as well, when he casually accepts his colleague Bob as a patient.

And that will turn his life upside down. Bob is visiting his doctor to dispel his loneliness and doesn’t miss sessions even during occasions such as the doctor’s holiday. And to make it worse, Bill becomes extremely popular wherever he goes, including moving in with Leo’s family. Here one doesn’t know who is the psychiatrist and who is crazy.


The Party (1968)

Peter Sellers stars in this memorable comedy about clumsy, but engaging actor Hrundi Bakshi, who is trying to make his way in Hollywood. His innate ability to cause near-catastrophic trouble gets him on a blacklist of forbidden actors, when he, in one moment, destroys the final and unrepeatable scene of an historical epic.

As it turns out, his name accidentally appears on the guest list of a party celebrating the completion of the movie. Here he paradoxically gets to meet the elite of the film industry. But that is only the beginning.



As Good as It Gets (1997)

Jack Nicholson is the old grouch Melvin Udall, quite succesful author of kitschy novels, an annoying and obsessive bachelor who hates everybody, and especially his neighbor‘s dog, whom he routinely mistreats.

What happens once he suddenly helps not only his neighbour to look after his dog, but most importantly the waitress at his favorite cafe, Helen Hunt? Is it possible that even he is capable of emotion? Brilliant comedy and Nicholson annoying, but funny as only he can be.



My Cousin Vinny (1992)

Having a lawyer in the family is surely a bonus, especially when you are accidentally involved in a murder as has happened to Bill and Stan. Then the only obvious way out is to rely on a relative.

But what if your only guarantee to get out of the situation, Cousin Vinny, has never tried a case and most importantly has not even finished his studies? Vincent Gambini (Joe Pesci) appears with his girlfriend Lisa Vito (Marisa Tomei) as a revelation in a small sleepy hollow of a town and start a merry-go-round of events. Of course, everything is terribly entangled and clumsy.

And the time is ticking and not only for his clients, but also for the judge, who anyhow doesn’t like Vinny, and is losing patience with this extravagant so-called lawyer. Luckily there is still Lisa and her way to change.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

Tula (Nia Vardalos) is thirty, she lives with her parents and works in the family business. And she is a descendant of Greek immigrants in Canada. She feels unattractive and somehow not a fit for her large and noisy family.

The philosphy of her father Gus Portocalos (Michael Constantine), to the contrary, is very simple: “Get married, make babies. You look so….old”. For him and most of the family this is an obvious way to work on expanding the Greek clan. Not for Tula, though, until she meets Ian.

Ian is the only child of extremely uninteresting parents, a vegetarian, and most importantly another misfit with the family concept, because he is not Greek. That is absolutely unacceptable for the head of the family, so eventually Tula’s mother Maria Portocalos (Lainie Kazan) must intervene, skillfully turning the head of the family‘s head, as she says, in the right direction to allow their daughter to be happy.

Sweetly made comedy with so much happening that it might make your head to spin little bit.



If you would like to see the list of terrific movies, you can read it here.

Photo: IMDB

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