5 Modern Ways to Drive More Leads in Business

A lead generation is an act for gaining customer interest in your business output. It involves the client's initiation, taking action in order to show interest, and providing the contact information to revert to the business services and products.

For example, for a digital marketing business to generate leads, you may receive:

    • The phone call from the potential customer to set up a meeting.
    • An email from the potential client was asking to schedule a presentation.
    • Form submission from a future client asking for the services.
    • Direct messages from social media and then asking for the prices.

The important part of finding any new business is structuring the experience for clients to find it easy to engage with the company.

The lead generation strategies should be formulated in a way that results in the prospect’s contact information or a meeting in their visit to your website, social media, landing page, etc.

Let’s have a look at six modern ways for driving more leads for your business:


Optimize all your webpage for conversions:

Online lead generation always starts with business websites.

It’s never understood best to generate traffic for your website, be it from a referral, social media, or Google, if these visitors then decide to leave without action.

The same website should be optimized for persuading the individual to click on the button, allowing them to enter the contact information.

Talking about lead generation, you can capture the client’s contact information like phone number, email address, name, and other attributes that aid the selling process.

Setting up a website never guarantees a successful generation of leads. The practices like keyword optimization, H1, H2 tags, high loading speed, etc., helps in optimizing the web pages for websites.


Rank high in search engines:

When the target audience searches for the required service or product online, ensure that they can find you easily.

Start with the keyword research for determining the phrases for the target audience searches used by the clients before making the purchase decision.

In the first few months, ranking organically can be difficult, especially if you sell a highly competitive service or goods.

Try using the best ​​Digital marketing agency in India to help yourself in generating consistent leads.


Retarget and advertise:

Social media is not the place where you can advertise. You can use targeted pay-per-click advertising of search engines like Bing and Google to market to various search engine users.

It helps in serving ads to the searches and is quite relevant for the business. Long-tail keywords can here help you in targeting.

And if you are looking for marketing in any particular area, you can even use a geo-filter to target users searching in that specific area.

Not many web visitors are converted on the first visit to the website.

Once a user clicks on the PPC advertisements, you can display retargeting to show visual advertisements for the products on various other popular sites.

Although Digital Advertising takes a bit of time to give results, it is an effective way of generating leads for the business.

Amazon also offers PPC advertising. If you do not have experience and knowledge, it is better to hire an Amazon PPC Agency that will lead your campaign to great success.


Answer your niche questions posted on forums:

Answering forums is the best way for businesses to prove their expertise on the subject matter and set up the stage for reciprocal action.

If it is done strategically, it can help you in finding leads in just a few minutes.

Forums like Quora and Reddit can help you in posting questions and answering for others. You can find a category for business and also can start answering the question.

Look for a relevant category for the business and also start answering the user’s questions.

By the end, you can put a call to action button for the reader to reach out to start using your services and products and solve their issues.



Networking most of the time does not lead to direct revenue but is one of the best in nurturing professional opportunities.

Always select the networking event that is related to the industry you are working in.

It will help keep your cost of travel low and ensure that you are capitalizing on the opportunity.

It would help if you had a complementary business that you can partner with to share the leads and expand your reach.

For the same, you can speak to an influencer and interview them to build content and expand the marketing reach.

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