4 Tips To Increase Your Odds Of Being Selected For The International Summer School In Beijing

Youth Time has opened up the three-week application period for the International Youth Summer School in Beijing, which is being organized in close cooperation with the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. As applying for such an event can be a strenuous undertaking, we at Youth Time wish to share with you four tips on how to be more effective in submitting a successful application for this event and thus directly increase your chance of being accepted!

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  • Show awareness

Demonstrate in the application form and video that you are familiar with the participation conditions set by our organization, through explaining how you would finance your trip, or that you are aware of the VISA procedure required to get into China, and definitely make sure to hand in a complete application. These little details demonstrate awareness, and aware candidates have a greater likelihood of getting to the event and thus being accepted.

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  • China connection

Explain your connection with China or your interest in learning all about this country or its business climate. As a big part of the program will focus on cultural exchange, we are looking for people who would like to meet Chinese peers and become familiar with local customs, besides all the perks that the official program offers.

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  • Show ambition

Your CV needs to be properly organized and must communicate ambition. However, here we are emphasizing the need to underscore your motivation in your application form and supporting video, to give us the feeling you truly are an organizer, a person who seeks solutions and is eager to learn.

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Find out more about the event.

  • Make a contribution

This is, above all, a general rule for the conduct of your life, and we would like you to incorporate this principle in your application. Which means: do not only explain what you could learn from this experience, but also clarify how others could benefit from your participation in the event. So remember not only to emphasize what’s in it for you, but also what’s in it for others.

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