30 Universities from SE Europe Sign Cooperation Agreement

We’ve highlighted below some of the most recent developments and occurrences in youth-related news and events. In this week’s Friday news we speak about an agreement that was signed by 30 universities from SE Europe, Japanese universities’ desire to help foreign students get jobs at the local companies and the first national strategy for research in France.

30 universities from SE Europe sign cooperation agreement

Total Croatia News reports that rectors of 30 universities from SE Europe have signed an academic inter-institutional cooperation agreement in the city of Mostar. The agreement will establish more effective links between the labor market and higher education, enhance cooperation in various funding programs and provide stronger engagement in research. The Rector of the University of Mostar, Zoran Tomić, said: “We want to offer our vision of development of higher education, research and knowledge transfer to large conferences such as those in Berlin, London and Paris. We want to act together through strong organization within the 30 universities participating in the Rectors’ Conference of Southeastern Europe and the Western Balkans.”

Japanese universities step up support for foreign students to find jobs at the local firms

The Japan News reports that Japanese universities are increasing job-hunting support in order to help foreign students find jobs at Japanese companies.  Universities are offering special courses to teach them about job-hunting rules and establishing career-oriented classes.  By attracting excellent foreign students and keeping them in the country, Japanese universities are tackling a low birthrate issue. An instructor at a career-oriented course at Sophia University in Tokyo, stated: “Japanese companies prize students’ ability to communicate and a sense of responsibility more than their acquisition of qualifications or their academic specialty. So try to write about an episode that will strongly show that you have such capabilities.”

France is working on the first national strategy for research

France is preparing its first national strategy for research, which should be a national, multi-year research plan, reports Nature. The program was unveiled by French Prime MinisterEdouard Philippe and the government promised to help France to stand out in an increasingly competitive global research landscape, protect research funding and boost the recruitment of early-career scientists. This move was warmly welcomed by the heads of the country’s major research agencies. Frédéric Dardel, who is the president of Paris-Descartes University, stated: “I look forward to seeing the details, particularly the size of the budget and the policy on recruiting young scientists, but I am optimistic by nature and consider the bottle is half full rather than half empty.”

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