3 Alternative Documentary Series on Netflix

For this weekend we have chosen three documentary series for you that you can watch on Netflix. Each of them different.

Discover with us Alternative Documentary Series on Netflix

The Seventies

This series has one season and 8 episodes.

Made by CNN for which Tom Hanks was the executive producer, the series takes you back in time to the decade of the 1970s.

This highly rated series which has put together interviews mainly by celebrities and scholars who are able to give you a good look into life during the 70s, the ethos of the times, the warmth, the passion and the despondency.


Evil Genius

This documentary about the crime is entire of a different kind and highly rated too.

Comprising of 1 season and 4 episodes the series is about the grand larceny carried out by a boy who robbed a bank with the aid of a bomb tied around himself.

Not just a must-watch documentary but one that’ll keep you glued to your TV.


Chef’s Table

This is a series of 6 seasons and 34 episodes. Rarely has such a good presentation been made about food.

The series shows you the best of foods around the world and the most accomplished chefs who make food so great.

The series will appeal to all those who love good food and travel.

Photo: IMDB

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New Historical Series

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