2019 Engineering Team Competition in London, UK

The Royal Academy of Engineering is inviting university teams to participate in the Global Grand Challenges Student Competition 2019: a six-month competition to find the best student-developed solution to one of the global challenges, and an opportunity for students to develop their skills and expertise in developing transformational solutions to complex global issues. The deadline is on March 8, 2019.

University teams are invited to propose an innovation or novel approach to address global challenges associated with the sub-themes of the Summit:

  • How do we feed 10 billion?
  • Is continued urbanisation inevitable and desirable?
  • How can we achieve globally equitable access to technology?
  • How do we stop the world being water short?
  • How do we make innovation circular?

The innovation must be viable with a clear route to growth and sustained impact, though does not need to be a profit-making entity.

Five champion teams from each country – UK, US, and China – will be selected to attend a Collaboration Lab event and the Global Grand Challenges Summit in London, UK, 12-18 September 2019.

Main criteria

  • Each team must comprise between four and six undergraduate student members (including final year students);
  • All teams must designate a team leader who is required to be from an engineering program, but students from other disciplines are strongly encouraged to be part of the team;
  • Each team must have at least one mentor who is willing to travel to London for the Summit with their team.

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