20 Powerful Street Art Pieces From All Over The World


From Mexico to Hong Kong, this is an international rundown of the most impressive street art we’ve seen in 2015 so far. Let’s take a look at the most impressive pieces that urban environment has to offer.

  • New York (USA). By Jorit AGOch

  • Paris (France). By Marko


  • Barcelona (Spain). By ManuManu

  • Barcelona (Spain). By Axe Colours

  • Stavanger (Norway). By Ernest Zacharevic

  • Las Palmitas (Mexico). By Germen Crew

  • Bali. By WD

  • Oz (France). By Vinie Graffiti

  • Landskrona (Sweden). By Etiskvandalism

  • Malta. By Leon Keer

  • Horsens (Danmark). By 215

  • Hawaii (USA). By Hula

  • Berlin (Germany). By Wes 21

  • Milan (Italy). By Millo

  • Salerno (Italy). By Ella&Pitr

  • Lisbon (Portugal). By Bordalo II

  • Dismaland (UK). By Banksy

  • Hong Kong . By Fin DAC

  • Karlsruhe (Germany). By Dome

  • Kalamata (Greece)
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