10 Years of Changing the World with Youth Time International Movement 

Youth Time International Movement is a non-commercial, non-governmental, non-political, independent organization founded by representatives of young people from different countries of the world with the main aim to discover a new possible scenario of common development for the future which will provide the same chances on the global market for all people all around the globe.

Anniversary of Youth Time

Youth Time International Movement was officially founded on December 11, 2010, in Prague. The president of the movement, Julia Kinas, explained that the name of the movement is very symbolic and refers to the years of the youth as the happiest and most active period of human life.

Youth Time International Movement should use their unique and precious time of youth properly in order to do their best for their own future and the future of older and younger generations.

The idea of creating Youth Time International Movement was born on October 4, 2010, on the Island of Rhodes in Greece, where 150 young people came from 34 different countries to attend the first Rhodes Youth Forum. 

During the forum, participants discussed questions concerning everyday life which young people often do not pon­der: “How do young people see their future? What differences exist in the world views of young people from different countries and regions of the world?  

Youth Time International Movement is made by youth for youth! The whole manifesto of the Movement can be found here.

The long 10-Year Journey

During those 10 years, Youth Time International Movement has organised 30 events in 15 countries, hosted 2,500 participants, realised 15 projects,  published 18,000 articles, and impacted more than 100,000 people.

The Movement is not only organising annual educational sessions such as International Youth Summer School but also the Youth Global Forum, the competition of projects where young leaders can get the grant for realising their projects and make their ideas to become true. 

The activism of the Movement can be described as a constant force to educate, to train, and updated young people on all new trends on future skills and changes that are happening rapidly and now. 

The topics that are covered by Youth Time International Movement are technology development, social inclusion, gender gap, cultural diversity, financial literacy, business development, project writing, system thinking, entrepreneur’s mindset, idea pitching, cybersecurity, digital twins, and many, many others. 

All Accomplishments of the Movement

Only during the first four years of existence, from 2010 until 2014 Youth Time International Movement hosted 800 participants and 60 experts from 75 countries. During those 10 years, Youth Time International Movement hosted 1600 participants and 130 experts who represented more than 100 countries. 

The events were placed in different parts of the world such as Spain, France, the United Arab Emirates, Holland, Indonesia, Russia, China, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, India.

As you can see, the world for Youth Time International Movement is representing the place created for all of us, the world is our playground and there are no limits.

Youth Time Movement created an independent media platform Youth Time Magazine with the main aim to inform youth all over the globe about new technology trends, educational opportunities, worldwide news, but also to share success stories about young, inspiring people and their projects.

The Magazine is publishing for 10 years constantly, every working day without exceptions 5 stories that can be read here

In those 10 years, Youth Time Magazine hosted 200 authors, published 690 000 printed versions of the Magazine, and 8000 articles.

Youth Time Magazine is also empowering young writers, media enthusiastic and everyone who is inspired to write about the future, to send an e-mail to magazine@youth-time.eu.


Youth Time International Movement During the Crisis

During the current crisis, Movement didn’t stop to educate people all over the globe, to share positive thinking, to inspire with sharing stories about successful projects from previous events.

Even if the crisis-affected so many jobs, businesses, educations, life, all our reality in general, YT Movement knows that the most important thing is the ability to adapt. And here we go, all of us are adapting every day, some of easier, some of us harder, but we still need to keep going.

The result of the Movement’s approach is the series of Webinars “The Future Skills for Workplace Sustainability” which is launching every Wednesday at 2 PM, Central European Time. Participants can register using this link.

This series of webinars would be suited to all from all backgrounds. If you have a business or organisation or looking to start one, this needs to be heard to enhance your chances of sustainability.

If you are not an entrepreneur, then this webinar will still benefit you to give awareness of something you may not realise is going on, and help gives you inspiration of how to be more mindful.

As we all could see during this 2020 year, the world is changing rapidly, every day and quicker than we would ever think. Don’t let all changes happening without your intervention. Let’s make all changes together.

Youth Time International Movement is inviting all people to join their future events, to meet new people, and to make this world-changing with us. As we already said- From youth by youth!

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