10 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Summer Vacation

As we all gear up to travel again, we should not travel the same as before. So here are ways to go on vacation and look after our world.

Summer is something we all look forward to, but many of us don’t realise the negative impacts of our basic vacation rituals. 

Consider turning over a new leaf this summer, and make your vacation more eco-friendly!


Reef Safe Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is so important and can help protect yourself from skin cancer and other adverse side effects. However, many sunscreens are detrimental to our reefs. 

This summer, take the time to research reef-safe sunscreens and help protect the oceans as well as your skin whilst you on your vacation.


Reusable Beverage Containers

Staying hydrated is super important during the warmer months, especially if you are doing outdoor activities. 

According to Habits of Waste, 50 billion plastic water bottles are used annually in the USA alone, and less than 10 billion get recycled. 

Bringing a refillable container can make a huge difference and help you use less plastic, plus save some money. 

It can also help you make healthier choices and fill up on tap water rather than a sugary beverage.


Greener Transportation

Traveling by plane is the worst for the environment, and it might not even be possible for all of us this summer because of the ongoing pandemic

Consider planning local trips that you get to by bike, carpool, train, or bus.


Eat Local Food

One of the biggest things that are overlooked is food. Summer is full of cheat days, and we deserve to treat ourselves sometimes. 

However, eating locally sourced food can make a big difference not only to the environment but also to local businesses. 

This summer, consider going to farm-to-table restaurants, shop at farmers’ markets, and try to avoid buying imported things. 

Looking for locally sourced meats, fish, and plant-based products can also be a fun way to explore a new place.


Buy Used Items

So many things that we may need for the summer have a more significant carbon footprint than we realise. 

That cute new bathing suit or summer dress might cost little to buy, but the environment pays dearly. Consider giving pre-loved items a second chance and do some thrift shopping instead.


Rent Rather than Single-Use Buy

Items such as beach chairs, umbrellas, boogie boards help make our vacations so much better. However, they are usually bought for just one season and then thrown away, creating unbelievable amounts of trash. 

Next time you go on holiday, consider finding a place to rent these items. This might cost more in the long run, but it will make sure that less plastic goes into the dump. 

Plus, it can help your children learn better habits and understand the value of every item.


Skip the Hotel Room Cleaning

Having fresh towels and linen every day can make any vacation feel more luxurious. 

Although it may be nice to enjoy spotless towels daily, it takes a lot of water and cleaning chemicals to keep washing them. 

Consider skipping a full room cleaning at leave every other day, if not longer, for the planet’s sake.


Go on a One Day Volunteering Tour

Many tourism agencies are offering a new type of tour, centring around volunteering. 

Depending on where you are, it could be taking care of elephants in a sanctuary, going on a trash-pickup boat ride, or helping the local Habitat for Humanity.

Depending on the agency, this volunteering excursion might be complimentary. 

Otherwise, you may be asked to pay as you would for a regular tour, and the money will be used towards a great cause.


Clean Up the Local Beach or Park

Volunteering and doing something good can be super rewarding, especially on holiday. 

Helping the local community by picking up some trash from the beach or park can help keep plastic out of the ocean.

Plus, it will make you feel great and more connected to your environment.


Bring or Buy a Reusable Bag

Whether you plan on shopping for food to cook in your Airbnb or buy some souvenirs, consider bringing a reusable bag. 

Many countries are banning plastic bags and may even require you to buy a reusable bag if you don’t already have one.

Although buying a new bag can be an excellent way to contribute to the local economy, having too many reusable bags isn’t eco-friendly. 

Try to bring your own bag if you have one or buy one locally as a souvenir to take home and keep using for local shopping!

Having a fun summer doesn’t need to harm the planet. We won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful parks or beaches for much longer if we don’t make an effort to protect the environment. 

There are many ways to enjoy summer to the fullest while ensuring we do everything we can to be eco-friendly.

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