10 Reasons Why You Should’t Miss EXIT Festival Next Time

The atmosphere

Even though some people complain that the festival spirit isn’t as strong as it used to be, it’s still there. People feel the connection to each other because their common denominator is to listen to great music, have awesome time and maybe meet new people. People are much more approachable and relaxed and the boundaries of socially acceptable behaviour are blurred. There is no better place where people can loosen up and have fun than this festival.

The people

This is a great chance for you to meet all sorts of people from all over the globe! Age is just a number here and the best part is that most people are talkative and open-minded. Therefore, connecting with other people is priceless, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. When you’re at the concert and you see a stranger having the time of his life next to you and you share the same passion, there is no need for words.

The music

Of course, this is a music festival. This year, everybody’s taste in music was satisfied and that has become sort of a tradition. So, whether you’re into dance music, latino, punk, rock, reggae or disco – one of the stages will definitely entice you. Silent disco stage is also very popular.

Additional activities

Listening to great music and dancing is not the only thing this festival has to offer. A few years ago, karaoke stage was set up, where you can actually compete and win nice money prizes. Also, there were face-paint points where you can get your face colored or get your hair and make-up done, all for free. And if you enjoy goofing around, you should know there was also a place where you could sumo wrestle in special costumes infalted with air, which is pretty hilarious.

The sunrises

An unwritten rule of the festival is that you cannot leave before sunrise. You don’t really want to leave until you have to. Laughing with your friends until your stomach hurts, looking at the smiling people around you and feeling the purity of the festival – it all makes you appreciate life even more.

Chill out zones

Comfortable chill out zones with bean bags are a good place to take a power nap and then continue partying. Chill out zones are the places where you can just sit back, look at the stars and have those meaningful conversations with your friends or sum up your impressions so far. Or you can just sit in silence and enjoy the moment. Either way, it’s a great feeling.

It brings out the best in you

Drowning in the crowd, laughing with your friends, sing your favorite songs from the top of your lungs, dancing like a maniac – all that creates satisfaction and joy that is beyond words. Your spontaneous self is awake and you feel free to do whatever. You feel like a king, you are in the zone and just overwhelmed with happiness. It’s like you can see clearly that everything is on the right track and all the pieces seem to fit in. All that creates a certain inner piece and harmony.

Seeing people that you haven’t seen in ages

… and actually feeling glad you saw them. We all have some people in our lives that we don’t really like that much or even cross the street if we notice them walking towards us. But, at this festival, you feel a certain synergy, nothing really bothers you that much and you are way more tolerable. You start appreciating the differences and enjoy life to the fullest.

It’s all about making memories

You fall in love with life, with all kinds of people, with music and with the energy. It makes you feel infinite and you just feel the need to live in the moment. Feeling connected is great. And when the festival is over, you sigh with that nostalgic smile and think to yourself: Damn, that was a good night.

It opens up a healthy hunger for excitment

We can all fall into monotony or feel like we’re just tired of life. Festivals can function like a CPR for you: they shake you up and remind you about the good stuff. The great thing about EXIT festival is that it’s during the first month of the summer; it energizes you and makes you appreciate the fact that you still have a lot of sunny days before you. And then you feel revitalized and wonder what will be your next adventure.

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